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These professionals are also well trained to know their limitations and to know when to refer complex or more difficult cases to a Dental Specialist as an oral surgeon. It is always wise and recommended to see a general practitioner first who would give you options including a visit to a specialist if requested or necessary.

Always ask yourself or the general dentist: Would this referral be to an Independent Specialist with good reputation and a good record or to a specialist providing the services in the same clinic where you are having your first consultation?

Dental Costs and Prices in Australia are already very high incurring in terrible consequences for the general population that struggle to afford Dental Health. 

It is again advisable to always discuss all your options with the dentist first and if appropriate ask for a referral to see an Independent Specialist with his or her own different clinic.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before Proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriate qualified health practitioner.

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Wisdom Teeth Dental Costs

Wisdom Teeth Professionals Sydney have now seen more the a thousand patients since opened last year. Dr Pinho with the help of colleagues and oral surgeons in Sydney have proudly helped hundreds of patients. All can now benefit from an affordable and safe wisdom teeth removal surgery for the maximum cost of $970 for surgical removal of 4 wisdom teeth.

Be aware of clinics and websites with the tendency to underline the need or cost  benefit to always see a specialist such as oral surgeons or oral maxilo facial surgeons for every single case with phrases such as "compare Apples with Apples" or others with similar strategies. It would usually incur in  higher dental costs and it is obviously NOT ALWAYS necessary. Some of these Websites can sometimes come across as independent blogs or comments but would always link to their own private clinics or business.

Registered Australian Dentists  are highly trained to perform the great majority of all Dental Treatments including Wisdom Teeth Removal. A lot of general dental practitioners also limit or restrict their practice to only one field like Oral Surgery. These dentists or dental surgeons will most likely become extremely experienced in their specific field and be capable to  offer you also an excellent treatment . Dentists with practise limited to one dental field like oral surgery or wisdom teeth removal are also constantly updating their knowledge and training through specific courses and lectures to offer the latest technique and technology to their patients.


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