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What is the Cost for Wisdom Tooth Removal in Sydney?

We are proud to offer affordable oral surgery in Australia!

Find out Information about Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost and Tooth Extraction Price

By concentrating on this single aspect of dental health we are among the lowest prices for tooth extraction cost and wisdom teeth removal cost in Melbourne and Sydney

We are extremely proud to be able to offer affordable, high quality and safe oral surgery. All performed by highly experienced professionals. Finding the cost of tooth extraction in Sydney is easy!

We also provide our patients with payment plans and a large variety of payment options including all major credit cards and health plans which can reduce tooth extraction cost and wisdom teeth removal cost in Melbourne and Sydney. We also offer General Anaesthesia and IV Sedation in Sydney and with a 85% Medicare rebate from $320 specialist anaesthetist fee patients could only pay as little as $100 to have all 4 Wisdom Teeth removed or to place a dental implant in the great majority of cases.

Consultation & Exam : FREE

Simple Tooth Extraction cost : $125-150*

Tooth Division Extraction cost : $175-275*

Surgical Tooth Extraction cost : $250-350*

Simple Wisdom Teeth Removal cost : $225-250*

Surgical wisdom teeth removal cost : $250-375*

Price scale determined by surgical time and complexity of the procedure such as need for raising flaps, bone removal, tooth division. Item Numbers and final price for each tooth extraction can only be given after a proper consultation with the dental surgeon.

MAX. COST for ALL 4 Surgical Wisdom Teeth Removal in Sydney : $970

Review Appointments : NO CHARGE

Most of Surgical Wisdom Teeth Procedures are performed under local Anaesthetic in our clinics. We also perform surgery with several types of sedation and under general anaesthetics in different hospital and day surgeries in Melbourne and Sydney.

If it is decided that your case needs to be performed under Sedation or General Anaesthesia by your choice or by the surgeons recommendation additional fees may apply by Anaesthetists and different hospitals or day surgeries.

Wisdom Dental Emergency has established excellent fees with different facilities over the past decade in Melbourne and Sydney.

Hospital Costs depend on whether you have private health insurance and which city or hospital is chosen. If you have private hospital cover (and have had it for more than 12 months) then most health funds will fully cover the cost of the hospital stay. Additionally, there will be a bill from the anaesthetist. Medicare (and possibly your health fund) will cover a proportion of this bill; however, there could be a gap of approx $250 that you will need to fund.


 Dental Emergency After Hours and WEEKEND SET FEE : 

Please refer to DENTAL EMERGENCY webpage for details.


Dental Implants cost : Surgery : $1500 / Crown : $1350

                                 Total Tooth Replacement : $2850                              

Click HERE and refer to our Dental Implants Cost webpage for details.

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Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before Proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriate qualified health practitioner.

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