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Our reputation as a dentist has been needlessly tainted because many assume teeth removal is all we do. This is not true. For us to reach the level of removing a tooth, all the other options must be exploited first. Our priority is to save the tooth, and if all else fails, then we suggest extraction at an affordable wisdom teeth removal cost in Sydney. The third molars also are known as the wisdom teeth are an exception though. The reason is they are redundant due to diet changes that have happened over the years. You may witness that maintaining their hygiene is challenging. Here are questions patients commonly ask before they go through wisdom teeth extraction:

How Long Will I Wait Before the Procedure Begins?

Some dental facilities have long queues of patients that are requiring this procedure. This will require you to wait for weeks before being attended to. At our facility, we give reasonable average wait time. We can give you an immediate exception if we assess that you are in pain.

What Experience Does the Dentist Have? Are There Any Testimonials?

The mouth is a sensitive part of your body, and therefore you should not trust anyone to extract teeth from it. The dentists at our facility have at least a decade experience extracting teeth. You can check out the testimonials of patients we have treated successfully.

Are There Initial Consultation Fees?

Many dentists charge consultation fees. It is important you know how much it costs and how long it will take. We proudly offer you free consultation thus cutting on the cost of teeth removal Sydney.

How Much is the Cost of Simple/ Basic Wisdom Teeth Removal?

The cost of simple wisdom teeth extraction at our clinic ranges between $225 to $250. You will get an accurate figure once we do a thorough dental examination on you.

What are the Methods of Payment Acceptable?

We offer you a variety of options to choose from - credit card payments, cheque, and cash payments. You should be cautious of any dentist who insists on cash payments alone.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost Sydney

The removal of teeth should not be weighed on money alone. Look also at the cost if you keep the tooth. Consider the following factors to extract a wisdom tooth:

  • risk the tooth causes due to hygiene challenges
  • the risk posed to nearby teeth
  • recurring costs in case of infection to nearby teeth
  • the effort to be taken in daily cleaning and flossing

To conclusively come up with the cost of a tooth extraction we consider the following:

  • Complex versus simple procedure
  • Risk factors involved
  • Insurance coverage
  • Full versus partial impaction
  • Medicare Rebates

You should not be looking for cheap wisdom teeth removal Sydney but rather what is affordable according to your condition. It depends on the time and complexity of a given procedure. Below is the range of costs you can expect:

  • Wisdom teeth removal (simple) - $225 to $250
  • Surgical wisdom tooth removal - $250 to $375

There are also discounts for patients who do booking for all their molars to be removed.


  • Why Are Wisdom Teeth More Difficult To Remove Than Other Teeth?Our certified specialists of cheap wisdom teeth removal in Sydney says, that wisdom teeth removal are most difficult to remove than other teeth, because of the number of factors including:
    - The jaw bone near the wisdom teeth area is particularly dense
    - The roots of wisdom teeth can be multiple and at unfavourable positions
    - The wisdom tooth is often partially covered by gum and jaw bone
    - As wisdom teeth grow at the very end of the jaw, nerves, blood vessels and the adjacent teeth need to be taken into consideration during the procedure.
    All these factors make wisdom teeth removal a complicated procedure and also the cost of wisdom teeth removal in Sydney varies depending on the above-mentioned conditions.
  • What Are the Factors That Contribute Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost Sydney? Costs will vary, depending on the complexity of each case; some cases will be straightforward and can be performed in general dentist clinic, while other cases will be more complex and will require an oral surgeon. Price scale determined by surgical time and complexity of the procedure such as need for raising flaps, bone removal, tooth division. Item Numbers and final price for each tooth extraction can only be given after a proper consultation with the dental surgeon.
  • Can I Gargle and Floss After Getting my Wisdom Teeth Removed? No! Avoid gargling for the first 24 hours and flossing for 2-3 days. You are able to lightly swish with salty warm water or mouth wash, but make sure do not do vigorously until and unless you are cleared to do by your dentist.
  • What Is The Average Fee for Getting Wisdom Teeth Removed? We are extremely proud to be able to offer affordable, high quality and cheap wisdom teeth removal Sydney. Our fee details are as follows: Consultation & Exam: FREE Simple Tooth Extraction cost: $125-150* Tooth Division Extraction cost: $175-275* Surgical Tooth Extraction cost: $250-350* Simple Wisdom Teeth Removal cost: $225-250* Surgical wisdom teeth removal cost: $250-375* * Final price for each tooth extraction can only be given after a proper consultation with the dental surgeon.
  • How to Save Money on Wisdom Tooth Removal? We at Wisdom Dental Emergency, provide our patients with payment plans and a large variety of payment options including all major credit cards and health plans which can reduce tooth extraction cost and wisdom teeth removal cost in Melbourne and Sydney.


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