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Wisdom teeth cause a lot of trouble for many people and the best option we recommend at Wisdom dental Emergency is to have them removed. Often the problem associated with wisdom teeth is impaction. This happens when the tooth tries to push through the jaw to create space for itself but that ends up pushing the other teeth causing pain and discomfort. Other reasons for wisdom teeth removal Melbourne are tooth decay, injury causing them to break.

Most of the impaction cases we deal with are for people in their middle teens and early twenties. This is the time when most people have their wisdom teeth coming up and causing trouble. We strongly advise that when someone feels their wisdom teeth starting to develop at the back of the mouth, they should seek an appointment at Wisdom Dental Emergency for wisdom teeth removal Melbourne.

Why We Recommend Wisdom Teeth Removal Melbourne

We usually advise that the wisdom teeth Melbourne be removed even before they begin to cause trouble. The reasons for this include:

  • Removal of the wisdom teeth will prevent them from pushing already developed teeth and causing misalignment
  • Wisdom teeth can lead to dental decay when they are impacted
  • There is a higher risk of gum disease caused by wisdom teeth
  • Removing wisdom teeth can save the jaw from damage
  • Removal will save you from pain and discomfort

How Wisdom Teeth are Extracted

Wisdom Dental Emergency strives to ensure the comfort of our patients. The surgeon will explain the procedure and wisdom teeth removal cost Melbourne to the patient so that they are not scared but comfortable knowing it is a safe procedure and they are in good hands.

Sometimes the extraction is carried out under local anaesthetic in the dentist's chair and other times it can be done under full sedation in a surgery. Usually, it depends on the kind of procedure. For easy and straight forward extraction, a local anaesthetic is used while if surgery is required, then sedation is an option.

After the procedure, the dentist provides pain killers and other treatment to help you recover as soon as possible.


For a smooth and quick recovery, the patient needs to adhere to the doctor's instructions. Painkillers will be prescribed to ease the pain. The first two days may feel a bit uncomfortable but you will eventually feel more relieved. It is advised that you avoid solid foods after the procedure. Practice good oral hygiene as instructed by the dentist. There may be minor swelling just after the extraction but it will go down eventually. In case of any complications, contact the dentist ASAP.

Avoid Dry Socket

After the wisdom teeth removal Melbourne procedure, a blood clot will form over the area where the tooth has been extracted. This clot can end up being removed if you do not follow the correct care and this leads to dry socket. Dry socket is very painful.

Avoid dry socket by staying away from hard foods while the wound heals, rinse your mouth with salt water after eating, do not chew gum or tobacco and do not use straws when drinking.

Do not suffer from complications of a wisdom tooth, contact Wisdom Dental Emergency for examination and if there is a need for extraction, the dentist will advise you on the wisdom teeth removal Melbourne procedure.


  • Is Wisdom Tooth Removal Painful? No, you will not feel any pain during your wisdom teeth removal in Melbourne. It is because, your dentist will use local anaesthesia to make the area numb, so that you will not feel anything. You will only be able to feel some pushing and pressure, and not feel the cut or the stitches. You will be prescribed with appropriate painkillers to make your recovery comfortable. If your dentist provides you with sedation for the removal of wisdom teeth Melbourne, you will not know even anything of these.
  • Can I Work After Wisdom Tooth Removal? 7 to 10 days is the recovery period of wisdom teeth removal Melbourne. However there are people who experience a shorter recovery time. It all depends on the patient. Also, this depends on the level of impaction and the number of teeth involved. But anyways, you can expect some swelling, bleeding or soreness, which can be controlled with medications. A detailed assessment can be made during your consultation. Call 1300 217 858 to fix your appointment at an affordable wisdom teeth removal cost Melbourne.
  • Is Wisdom Teeth Removal Covered By Medical Insurance? Well, you will need to have high level of extra insurance cover to have your wisdom teeth removed. In most cases, the extras in health insurance will cover the wisdom teeth removal for the impacted tooth, means for the complicated cases. Whatever the case may be, you need a defined list of expenses that you are likely to incur during your wisdom teeth removal Melbourne. Hence, check out with your dentist on the expenses associated with wisdom teeth Melbourne. Call 1300 217 858 to fix your appointment.
  • Is Wisdom Teeth Removal Considered Surgery? Yes, the wisdom teeth removal Melbourne procedure is usually carried out at the dentist's or surgeon's place. This is because, when you are having all your teeth pulled out at the same time, or if it involves any complications. Moreover, during this process the dentist will administer you with a local anaesthesia or sedation depending on the complication. Your dentist might also open the gum tissue to take out any bone that is covering the tooth, sometimes, which he will cut into small pieces to make it easy to remove. After the entire process, your mouth will have some stitches over the removed part of wisdom teeth Melbourne.
  • What happens if you never get your wisdom teeth pulled out? In some patients, the wisdom teeth do not erupt fully, and they are either partially or fully impacted. These impacted teeth are usually stuck within the tissues. The impacted tooth is sure to cause a number of long-term and short-term issues. It will help in the accumulation of bacteria, resulting in infection. This impacted tooth will also damage the nearby teeth. If your dentist finds your tooth to be problematic, he will advise you to undergo the procedure of wisdom teeth removal Melbourne. Call 1300 217 858 to fix your appointment at an affordable wisdom teeth removal cost Melbourne.
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