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Have you ever wondered what other toothbrushes are out there besides your old favourite? You might be surprised to learn there’s quite a market for innovative dental products well beyond the electrical toothbrush! Here’s what we found:


1.      The toothpaste-inside-the-brush brush

Twist the brush and you’ll get a perfect deposit of toothpaste every time! Not only do you save with having two products in the place of one, you can see when you’re getting low on your paste with the transparent dispenser.


2.      The lazy man’s hooking brush

For those of us wanting to get our teeth brushing out the way while under the shower, this toothbrush is perfectly designed to hook onto your shower head, for easy access and storage. Two birds, one stone!


3.      The tube squeezing brush

Sick of rolling your toothpaste tube until you’re convinced there’s not a drop left? We like to make the most of our products before we have to break open a new roll, so this marvellous invention will please the masses. This tube squeezing toothbrush has a comb like cut out feature at its handle to squeeze every last drop of toothpaste out, so you truly get value for money. Why hasn’t someone thought of this earlier?


4.      The teeth cleaning twig

Traditionally, Muslim inhabited areas armed themselves with a miswak – Arabic for ‘tooth-cleaning stick’ – to clean their pearly whites. The stick breaks off at both ends to expose whitening, ache, odour, decay and bacteria eliminating and strengthening bristles that replace your traditional toothbrush and toothpaste – some magic powered stick!


5.      The foldable toothbrush

The traveller’s companion, a foldable toothbrush does everything you’d expect your regular ol’ brush to do, but can be compacted much more easily for effective transport. The major dental players like Colgate and Macleans have jumped on the bandwagon with the ever-increasing popularity of portable necessities.


6.      The fountain toothbrush

Does the thought of tipping your head under a tap to rinse out your mouth full of toothpaste irk you? Then the fountain toothbrush may be your new best friend! Simply place your brush under the stream of water like you’d normally clean it, and a spout of water from the face of the brush will burst upwards in a perfect arc to help you rinse without the neck contortions. Simple!


7.      The $4,000 brush

Prefer the finer things in life? Perhaps brushing your teeth with a titanium brush is more for you. Valued at $US4,200, the world’s most extravagant brush isn’t even electric, though it has detachable bristles to ensure you keep up with proper hygiene. Unfortunately, keeping this luxury product in your toiletry bag will see you forking out for at least a 5 year, $400 payment plan to keep your fangs happy.


No matter if you opt for a weird or wonderful toothbrush, one with a motor or an old fashioned manual brush head, keeping on top of regular dental checkups along with effective maintenance and a healthy diet ensures your mouth stays in great condition, and prevents the onset of dental and wellbeing complications down the track.

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