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Dr Paulo Pinho
  • Dr Pinho is a registered Australian dental surgeon
  • Dr Pinho is a member of the Australian Dental Association
  • Over 20,000 Wisdom Teeth Removed in the past 15 years
  • Impeccable Safety Record
  • Local & General Anaesthesia
  • Dental Sedation
  • No Hidden Costs

What are invisible braces? How much do they cost? Do you offer affordable brand options?
At Wisdom Teeth Removal Sydney, these are questions we get asked a lot. Invisible braces are a great alternative to their traditional metal predecessors because they cost less and are visually more subtle than metal dental fixtures. Learn everything you need to know about invisible braces below.

What are invisible braces?
Invisible braces are a less visible alternative to traditional metal braces. They consist of clear, removable aligners which are placed over the teeth and encourage the teeth to align in a healthy pattern. Because they are removable, invisible braces are easy to clean and can be removed at mealtimes and while brushing your teeth for optimum oral hygiene. Your tailored aligners are individually manufactured and updated every two weeks to encourage the teeth to gradually straighten.

How much do invisible braces cost?
Patients at our wisdom tooth extraction Sydney clinics have often requested that we provide affordable solutions for dental alignment. After years of requests, we are now proud to offer invisible braces at our wisdom tooth extraction Sydney clinics.

At Wisdom Teeth Removal Sydney, we charge a maximum of $4,850 for Truline invisible braces, but this figure is usually lower. We have formed a partnership with Dr Anaf, a registered invisible braces provider in Sydney, to offer affordable invisible braces. Total invisible braces costs1 at Wisdom Teeth Removal Sydney will depend on your individual requirements. Extensive or complicated dental problems will come at a higher charge than straightforward issues, but Wisdom Teeth Removal Sydney does not charge more than the maximum $4,850.

Are invisible braces covered by health insurance?
Your health insurer may cover a large portion of the cost of invisible braces. You might also be entitled to health insurance rebates for wisdom tooth extraction in Sydney at one of our clinics or affiliated day surgery centres or hospitals. If you suffer from wisdom teeth pain, contact our wisdom tooth extraction Sydney dentists today on 1800 WISDOM. Or book an appointment online. Read here for more information about invisible braces.

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