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“I can’t feel my face”

“Where is my tongue?”

“I can’t swallow”

Everyone has a funny story from their wisdom teeth removal. Loved ones often record the hilarious or downright absurd things these dental patients say. There’s the famous girl whose older brothers pranked her to believe that a zombie apocalypse was taking place. There’s also another girl who was convinced she was Hannah Montana. Here’s a small collection of the finest:

“I woke up from anaesthesia and couldn't speak my native language for a minute or two. Only Spanish, but I didn't know enough words to communicate effectively, but couldn't think of any English ones either.” – via Reddit.

“So I got my wisdom teeth out earlier today and I was CONVINCED that the woman who assisted my surgery was Gwen Stefani. So, I'm high...mouth full of gauze, screaming to my sister and mom, as we're leaving the office, that Gwen Stefani was the [woman] in the office with us giving me the sedation to put me to sleep. So, my family is trying to bring me to the car but I'm trying to turn back because I need to get "Gwen’s" autograph and the only way my sister was able to get me into the car was by telling me that we did get her autograph and that it was with my father. That didn't stop me from trying to get out of the moving car so I could go back to "Gwen", though. So my sister told me I could go back and get a picture with her when we brought my brother in a few hours later and I stopped trying to escape the moving car. I would also like to mention that "Gwen" was a maybe five foot tall Asian woman.” – via Tumblr.

“When I came off anaesthesia from wisdom teeth surgery I tried to talk, and was stubborn enough that the nurses gave me a pad of paper. They're going through the typical post-op talk and mention that I might taste blood. I tried to smile at them and wrote 'I like the taste of blood'. And I just kept repeating that until my mom was embarrassed and took away my paper.

No memory of this, of course.” – via Reddit.

And finally, some visual hilarity to enjoy the post wisdom teeth removal process! (embed)

@RileyJBartlett via Twitter.

All jokes aside, wisdom teeth removal is a simple, painless process for preventative care and pain relief of impacting teeth. While the stories of patients post anesthesia are certainly entertaining, you can rest assured that your surgery with Wisdom Dental Emergency will be a breeze.

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