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Oral hygiene is an important facet of our general health and wellbeing. And, no matter how young we are, it’s never too early to begin developing good habits in our children. From the smallest of mouths, keeping up with proper dental care sets us up for a lifetime of healthier living and keeps avoidable problems as we mature at bay. So how can we help children make cleaning their teeth a ritual?


Buy dental products they like

Many toothbrush and toothpaste companies make products with kids in mind, and we are not just talking about smaller brush handles for tinier hands. Many accessories have flashy lights on electric motors, bright colours or their favourite Disney character moulded onto the brush. Bring your children along in the supermarket when you purchase so they can select the product they like, and they can take ownership in something they will enjoy using.


Make a game out of it

Kids will always be more willing to participate in an activity if it is enjoyable. If they see brushing their teeth as a chore, they won’t be inclined to do it regularly – or properly. Transforming the arduous task of brushing their teeth into a game is a great way to make them think less about the boring and more about the fun. Lead your children into an activity, such as dancing around with them while brushing their teeth, playing a “brushing” song, or tell a tale of the plaque fairies that will urge your kids into picking up the brush. Make it a race between children for who will brush their teeth the best and show you the best smile – without skimping on the essential 2-minute brush.


Get involved

This one seems like a given, but having an adult they love and look up to cleaning their teeth alongside them helps children find the fun in brushing their teeth and gives them an example to mimic. Cleaning your teeth at the same time as your kids means you can laugh yourselves silly foaming up with toothpaste, while keeping an eye on them too and ensuring they get the job done right.


Educate on good health

Great dental hygiene goes hand-in-hand with good nutritional habits. When you teach your children the importance of brushing their teeth, you need to teach them why we look after our teeth. Educate your kids on what consequences arise when we neglect our dental care, and lead the way with better choices when selecting foods and drink to consume every day. Good habits are handed down to us by our primary decision makers – our parents and guardians – so when children are able to make decisions of their own, hopefully they will strive to make wise ones because of the benefits of eating well and tending to our health and wellbeing for a pain-free, cost-effective, healthy life.


Whatever way you find effective to get your children into good teeth brushing habits, keeping your mouth happy and healthy doesn’t have to be difficult anymore. For more information on oral hygiene at any age, get your checkup sorted with the professionals at Wisdom Dental Emergency

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