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So many foods available to the average consumer contain alarmingly high amounts of sugar which in turn is causing untold damage to millions upon millions of teeth globally each year.

While sugary foods are a key factor in tooth decay they alone are not the only bad food out there: foods high in salts are highly acidic and carbonated beverages (or anything containing preserving agents such as vinegar) eat through a tooth’s protective enamel and fast-track decay. While foods that are high in salts and sugars can still be eaten this should be done in moderation and as a part of a balanced diet only.

As depressing as all this sounds it is not all bad news: there are plenty of food options that help bring the health of your teeth and gums back into balance and can strengthen their natural defences in the future. Here is a short list of these foods and why you should be eating them (if you aren’t already):

  • Dairy

Starting with the most obvious food item on the list, we have long known that the calcium in dairy products such as milk and cheese is exceptionally beneficial for bone health and development but the same is also true for teeth and the mouth in general. Eating cheese lowers the levels of acid in the mouth that occur while eating and the chewing motion while eating encourages saliva production; which naturally cleanses the mouth and the teeth.

Meanwhile milk neutralises food acidity and helps wash away any detrimental elements of food such as chocolate or preserved foods. Drinking a glass of milk after a meal is believed to also be beneficial to tooth health.


  • Tea

Despite having the potential to stain a drinker’s teeth a cup of tea is another healthy method for looking after your teeth. Different types of tea particularly the black and green varieties contain Polyphenols, chemicals that are naturally found in the beverage. Polyphenols actively slow the growth of plaque and bacteria and can even fight halitosis (bad breath). Of course the benefits of tea are dependent on how much sugar you add to your cuppa.


  • Foods that crunch

As mentioned above chewing produces saliva, which in turn naturally rinses and cleans the mouth while strengthening the enamel on your teeth. Steering clear of junk food that crunches eating fruits and vegetables like cucumbers, apples, carrot sticks, and nuts not only produces saliva but the crunching motion also shakes bacteria and plaque from the surface of your teeth.


  • Chewing gum

It must be strictly noted that “chewing gum” only means ones that are explicitly labelled as the sugar-free variety. Sugarless chewing gum, like several items on this list, facilitates the production of saliva and reduces to opportunity for plaque to form, especially if consumed after a meal. Do not make the mistake of consuming the sugar types as sucrose accelerates plaque growth.


By following this short list you will be on track to having the healthiest teeth and mouth of your social circle, which definitely matters when it comes time to take group photos.

If you would like personalised advice regarding your overall oral health from our professional team, contact Wisdom Dental Emergency today.

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