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Everyone wants a whiter, brighter, confidence-boosting smile. With celebrity endorsements and social media ‘influencers’ out there, it seems that there are so many products claiming to instantly light up the wattage of your smile. But are you really getting what you’re paying for? We bust the myths on popular teeth whitening processes and discover what definitely doesn’t – and does – work on your pearly off-whites.

With event season upon us, some of us both desperate and strapped for cash may’ve whipped up a home concoction of peroxide and baking soda, with failed results. A hugely popular choice is the misleading whitening pen - the quick fix boasting instant whitening with change for a 50. The pens use a brush device to paint the bleaching agent onto your teeth. Unfortunately, these pens are quite the internet scam, as experts in the dentistry industry have proven that any results from these pens would require a lot more exposure and much higher concentration of the bleaching agent constantly applied to the teeth.

Toothpaste and mouthwash
Sadly folks, whitening toothpaste or mouthwash makes hardly any difference to the shade, it sensitises our teeth, and is, essentially, overpriced toothpaste. Having a whitening agent in your everyday toothpaste also weakens your enamel, as ideally you’ll want to limit the time your teeth are spent being whitened.


Whitening strips have moderate effectiveness, but they take commitment, requiring several hours a day of plastering your teeth with the strips. As they are not custom-made to fit your teeth, they cannot properly reach and cover every tooth, often causing an uneven result.

Bleaching trays

Alleluia, a method that works! Custom bleaching trays are expensive, as the cost comes from creating a mould shaped from your teeth, and supplying you with a DIY take home kit that includes the mould and a gel. This method requires dedication, but it is effective because the formula is powerful and doesn’t damage your teeth. The mould can be left on overnight or while you are getting ready in the morning so as not to disrupt your busy schedule.

In-chair whitening

Another proven method – no gimmicks, no misconceptions – is laser teeth whitening. The most expensive choice is the one that gets the best results in the shortest amount of time. In-chair whitening is performed by a qualified dentist who can apply a much higher concentration (20-35 per cent) of peroxide under a UV light, which is much more effective than anything commercially available online or over the counter, and remarkable results can be obtained in one sitting.

When it comes to whitening your teeth, you truly do get what you pay for. For a stunning result that is great value for money, contact Wisdom Dental Emergency and discuss your cosmetic dentistry options. Stop throwing away money on whitening gimmicks and trending fads and start flashing pearly whites you’re proud of having!

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