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Teeth are pretty amazing things. They don’t just help us chew our food or tell us how healthy we are. They are truly fascinating to study, and there are plenty of crazy facts out there about teeth! We share with you our favourites below:


  • Snaggle teeth or the double tooth trend, Yaeba, is taking off as a popular look that many Asian girls are opting for to look impish and cute.
  • Four out of 10 Premier League soccer players had tooth decay, and eight out of 10 had gum disease, 10 per cent higher than the national average, linked to excessive exercise drying out the mouth inside of proecting from bacteria, and energy drinks laden with sugar.
  • Crocodiles are fortunate with a lack of dental routine, as a type of crocodile bird dutifully flys into their open mouths to clean the croc’s teeth.
  • Children smile roughly 400 times a day.
  • Vjay Kumar, 37, has 37 teeth – five more than the average person and holding the world record. The Indian man often finds it difficult to not bite his tongue due to so many teeth!
  • Sharks lose a tooth once a week.
  • Your teeth prints are as unique as your fingerprints
  • Another Guinness world record setter removed all his teeth in an attempt to fit 500 straws and more than 50 candles alight in his mouth. So far the man, Har Parkash Rishi, can only fit 496 – a close price to pay!
  • Giraffes may have long necks, but they only have bottom teeth!
  • Asian countries are embraces fake braces, as they are seen as a symbol of wealth that only the rich can afford.
  • The most valuable tooth, belonging to Isaac Newton, was sold for an equivalent of $US 35,700 in 1816.
  • The heaviest weight ever balanced on someone’s teeth was 63.5kg, by American Frank Simon, who managed to put a fridge on his teeth for 10 seconds!
  • Snails have 12,000 to 20,000 teeth!
  • People used to brush their teeth with charcoal, chalk, lemon juice and tree twigs.
  • A Malaysian man managed to pull two commuter trains of a combined 260 kilograms of weight 4.2 metres in Kuala Lumpur Station, ouch!
  • The average time spent brushing our teeth in one lifetime is 38.5 days straight.
  • A dolphin’s age can be determined by looking at their teeth – which have rings inside them.
  • The tooth fairy’s payout has gone up! Children expect a dollar more than kids in 1988, where $1 was the going rate.
    Truly fascinating! While your teeth mightn’t do anything as spectacular as some of these wacky but true stories, you can keep them performing daily miracles and keeping bacteria and tooth decay at bay! Are you due for your check-up? Call Wisdom Dental Emergency today for free on 1300 217 858!
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What is a Wisdom Tooth Removal?

Third molars or wisdom teeth are the last permanent teeth to appear in the mouth. Usually, these teeth appear in the middle of the ages between 17 and 25. Wisdom teeth removal in Sydney  is the procedure of removing your problematic wisdom teeth. Oftentimes, the mouth won’t have enough space for your wisdom teeth growth, which causes infection, pain, and other dental problems. So, you need to have it pulled as soon as possible. Our dentist and oral surgeon recommend having wisdom teeth removal in Sydney even if your wisdom tooth is not currently causing problems, to prevent potential future problems.

Problematic Wisdom Tooth

  1. The wisdom teeth stay trapped within the jawbone, while its growing
  2. Grow at an angle of the other teeth and "lying down" within the jawbone
  3. The Wisdom teeth grow at an angle toward the back of the mouth
  4. The Wisdom teeth grow at an angle toward the next tooth,

Problems in future That You Will Face If You Don’t Go for Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Without impacted wisdom teeth, you will face many problems in future. Here are some problems that you face.
  1. Older adults experience enduring pain and difficulty in eating without having wisdom teeth removal in Sydney.
  2. Gum disease chronic diseases can all lead to teeth loss.
  3. It will be hard to get to it and clean the teeth properly.
  4. Gum disease and tooth decay.

Benefits of Wisdom Teeth Removal

When the wisdom tooth is emerging and if they are retained, it will be problematic to your oral health. Because of their problematic nature of wisdom teeth in Sydney, we recommend for tooth extraction. Having wisdom teeth removal early on with the help of the dentist, you can improve a person’s quality of life by preventing the oral health complications.
  1. It decreased risk of oral disease
  2. Less Orofacial Pain
  3. Improve the frequency of headaches
If you have been referred to our practice for wisdom tooth removal, contact our team at Wisdom Dental Emergency today.

Are you preparing for oral surgery? Then follow the tips given below

  1. Contact our wisdom teeth professionals and schedule your surgery time.
  2. Discuss the wisdom teeth removal cost in Sydney with us.
  3. Arrange someone to drive after your surgery
  4. Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol, also it’s wise not to eat or drink anything at least eight hours before the surgery.
  5. Avoid any nonprescription drugs before the surgery
  6. Wear old, loose, comfortable clothing for the surgery
Consider our oral surgeon’s advice, and the above tips to get ready for your oral surgery. So, you can position yourself for a quick and smooth recovery after your oral surgery.