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Your mouth can say a lot about your health, without uttering a word. But did you know that what’s brewing beneath the surface of your teeth and gums can signal warning signs for poor overall health? Read below to discover some of the tell tales signs that something’s not going to plan…


Permanently stained teeth

The worst culprits of less than pearly whites? Yellowy or brown stains can be attributed to our favourite beverages in our coffee, tea, soft drink and red wine drinking habits. For some lucky few, a whitening toothpaste can do the job over time with patient brushers seeing their set of teeth a few shades lighter. For others, it just won’t do the job. Darker stains can indicate an array of health issues, including cavities, cracked teeth leading to exposed nerves and blood vessels, and in some cases, the onset of celiac disease. An obvious correlation between yellowing teeth and bad health worth a mention here is smoking, a leading cause of oral cancer.


Cracked, loose or crumbling teeth

Those suffering from less than straight, full teeth may need to check up on their mental health, as cracking teeth can be the direct outcome of stress induced teeth grinding – the result of minor side effects like unwavering headaches, all the way to full-blown, permanent jaw damage requiring bite guards, or relaxation therapies to counteract the tension.


Sensitive teeth

If you’ve noticed an increase in sensitivity to hot or cold food and drink, this may be a sign of an untreated cavity. If the pain persists more than usual, it may be damaging the nerve tissue, resulting in the need for a filling. Do you need to cut down on drinks laden with added sugar or your midnight snacking ritual?


Bloody teeth or gums is a common sign of newbie flossers, or perhaps a more rigorous than usual clean. But when is too much blood a sign of something else? If you notice a lot of blood persisting, it could be a sign that your gums are inflamed or you’re developing gingivitis due to poor nutrition and dental care.


Weakened teeth

If your teeth seem to be loosening their hold, including falling out or weakening at the root, your body may be suffering from a dire deficit of calcium supply. Not enough of this essential nutrient isn’t just an issue for healthy bones and joints – in fact, insufficient calcium can lead to a weakened jaw, including an increased likelihood of developing osteoporosis.


Painful and/or swollen growths
Women are far more likely to develop oral health problems during puberty, pregnancy, menstruation and menopause. Higher hormone levels can lead to inflamed gums, and without proper dental health maintenance, plaque can build up and create painful problems, more common in pregnant women than not, for instance.


In any instance, keeping on top of regular dental checkups, hygienic practices and eating a healthy diet ensures you lower your chances of developing all of these side effects, not to mention more severe conditions such as heart disease or diabetes.

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