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From a chipped or cracked tooth to one falling out and gum disease; to damaging your teeth by accident, dental emergencies and incidents are fairly common occurrences around Australia every day. Here are some common examples of dental emergencies.

The first symptom of a dental emergency is usually localised pain. However, this is not always the case as sometimes a damaged tooth can be loosened or even fall out when biting into food. Sometimes a dental emergency involves no pain at all but the person is seriously concerned about their appearance due to a missing tooth which may have fallen out. For those in the service, sales and face to face industries a winning smile can mean their job or a sale and looking their best is absolutely essential!

Reversible pulpits or regular tooth pain caused by hot, cold or sweet foods or drinks is the most common, and is treatable with a filling.

Gingivitis, or gum disease, if severe can be a serious health concern and may warrant an emergency trip to the dentist. Use of medication may be required in this circumstance.

Lost or broken fillings can sometimes cause pain or discomfort due to sharp, jagged edges and depending on the level of pain could be considered a dental emergency.

Irreversible pulpitis is the same; however, the damage to the tooth cannot be reversed or fixed by a filling and an extraction, or tooth pulling is typically required.

An abscess, or bacterial infection, is another dental emergency which requires extraction and left untreated can lead to infection and serious illness. Inflamed gums over partially erupted teeth are another one, and this is usually treated by antibiotics and irrigation.

On the more serious side of the spectrum, in terms of damage to teeth, includes things such as tooth fractures and loose teeth. These often require more extensive work such as large fillings, complete extraction and splinting.

A tooth which has been knocked out, through accident or injury, will often require a false implant to be inserted for cosmetic reasons (for example, if it is one of the front teeth visible in a smile).

Even implants, crowns and dentures can suffer damage like “real” teeth and can require replacement or fillings in the case of an emergency.

As always it is a good idea to practice good dental health and brush and floss twice a day and use mouthwash and visit your dentist regularly!

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