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There are a number of different types of dental procedures that can be performed by your dentist or more specialised oral surgeons. If you experience any problems or oral pain then you should see your dentist for advice and treatment. Here are some of the different types of dental procedures that are available.


Fillings and Repairs

Your dentist will be able to assess tooth decay or trauma to determine if you need fillings or repairs. Regularly cleaning your teeth and eating healthy foods can help prevent the onset of tooth decay, which can help you avoid needing fillings. Getting a dental check up every 6 months can ensure any abnormalities are detected and treatment can be offered early on. If you are prone to dental issues you may need to have check-ups more frequently. Seek advice from your dentist to develop a dental care plan.

Root Canals

Root canals are used to repair and save teeth that have either become infected or severely decayed. The nerve and pulp are removed during the procedure then the inside is cleaned then sealed. The nerve and pulp aren’t crucial for the tooth to function or health once they have come through the gums. They just relate to sensitivity and will no longer detect hot or cold sensations. If this procedure is necessary but not performed the surrounding tissue could develop an infection leading to abscesses.

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Dental Crowns

Dentals crowns are used to restore teeth by capping a tooth or as a dental implant. If there is a large cavity, which is compromising the tooth, crowns can be used. They are usually attached to the tooth using dental cement. There are different materials that are used to make the crown including porcelain, metal or gold. They help to increase the strength or look of your teeth. Generally dental crowning requires an appointment to take an impression of the existing tooth. The crown is then created and then you can return to your dentist to have it inserted.


If a tooth can’t be saved or a wisdom tooth is going to impact your other teeth you may need to have it removed. Other reasons for tooth extractions included broken teeth and overcrowding. Your dentist may be able to use a local anaesthetic to remove the tooth. However, more complex procedures may require a specialised dental surgeon and general anaesthetic. You will be advised what is best for you after inspecting the tooth through an examination, x-rays or other methods.

Bridges and Implants

If you have a tooth missing, for functionality and aesthetics bridges or implants can be used. They can blend with your teeth as they are made with porcelain or ceramic. A bridge can be used to replace a missing tooth or multiple teeth and is cemented to your existing teeth on each side of the gap. A crown is then used to cover the bridge; the replacement tooth can then be attached to the crowns. This gives the most natural look. Missing teeth can become problematic as the remaining teeth could start to grow into the empty space. If you lose teeth it’s important to consult with your dentist to decide on treatment.

Teeth Whitening

Over time teeth become discoloured with things like smoking, certain drugs, and trauma can speed up the process. Consuming foods and drinks such as coffee, tea, berries and wine can cause stains. It is purely aesthetic and can help patients smile with confidence. Your dentist can advise you if your teeth can benefit from this procedure and give you an indication of what results you can expect to achieve.


If you want to find out more about how you can get in touch with a professional emergency dentist, contact Wisdom Dental Emergency today. They can assist you with any questions you may have regarding tooth discolouration and cleaning.

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