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Dental health for athletes is handled by the dentists hired by team managers who are responsible for the sports team. Just like there are physical therapists and orthopedists, it is mandatory for every sports team to have their own team of dentists.

Because some players are worth millions of dollars, a lot is at stake when they get injured. Although players are usually advised to wear mouth guards while playing, they often do not wear them accusing them of being uncomfortable, or as making it hard for them to talk or breathe. There are comfortable guards in the market, but they do not offer the desired protection.

If you have noticed, most of the professional players are missing their teeth because they don't wear mouth guards or the ‘complete cage’, as they are required to do. The reason they give is this - communication problems and breathing trouble.

How Athletes Damage Their Teeth

Athletes and other people in the field of sports are extremely strong people, and if they collide into each other, teeth become easily broken or damaged. Lacrosse players, hockey players and football players often crash into each other and the effects are too damaging for their teeth. Even if their bodies are strong enough to take the fall, their teeth may not. Strenuous exercises, recreational games and playing with certain equipment can also damage teeth. It happens even in children, and especially with children who are left to play alone without anyone to watch over them.

Educate your child on the harmful effects of bumps and falls, and colliding with each other or with other equipment. A simple hard bump can make a tooth go gray due to ruptured blood vessels. If the tooth gets discolored permanently, then it means the nerve is damaged, and the degeneration process has started.

The Solution – Protecting Your Teeth While Playing

It is imperative that you use your mouth guards during sports activities. There is no real point in saying that mouth guards are uncomfortable because it is your health that is at risk. If readymade mouth guards are not comfortable, then you can get one made for you by the dentist. The dentist would first take an impression of your mouth and create a guard that is made especially for you. This would be a bit costly than the conventional kind, but it works.

Sports Drinks Are Also Damaging to the Teeth

Some athletes and sports people are addicted to sports drinks, which could damage their teeth. Unfortunately, these drinks damage their teeth because they contain a lot of acid, plenty of additives and sugar. If you take them frequently, remember they can damage your teeth by eroding your enamel in no time. In case, you have no other choice but to consume these drinks, you must rinse your mouth immediately after consumption. It would prevent the excess liquid from staying on your teeth and damaging it. Otherwise the liquid would get into the cracks and crevices, while the bacteria would start acting and damaging the teeth. The sugar content in these drinks would only encourage bacterial growth.

If you are an athlete or play any kind of sport, you must take care of your teeth. This is because teeth and bone will not grow back when they’re broken. Children are at equal risk too; they could get injured while riding the bike, jumping into the pool or playing sports - so ensure you give them the necessary tips on how to protect their teeth while playing sport.

If you want to speak with a professional dentist who can provide emergency treatment in the event that you teeth have been damaged, then feel free to get in touch with Wisdom Dental Emergency, who will be able to provide expert guidance to you, all the while ensuring your teeth remain healthy and intact.

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