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Tooth decay is the destruction of the tooth due to poor dietary habits or a lack of brushing and flossing. While tooth decay can be incredibly painful and unsightly, there are a few surefire ways to prevent and treat it. At Wisdom Dental, in our work providing wisdom teeth removal in Melbourne and Sydney, we come across many clients who suffer from painful tooth decay in addition to their nasty wisdom teeth pain. So we thought we’d share our tips for preventing and treating tooth decay.

Causes of tooth decay:

Tooth decay is caused when foods rich in carbohydrates are left on the teeth and then digested by bacteria in the mouth which turn them into acids. The combination of acids, leftover food and saliva in the mouth is known as plaque. Plaque is a dangerous combination of substances which can rot both the enamel (outer) and dentin (inner) layers of the teeth.

To prevent tooth decay:

  • Brush your teeth at least twice a day, preferably after each meal
  • Floss on a daily basis to remove food that lodges between your teeth
  • Avoid foods and drinks which contain high levels of acidity (such as coffee, citrus fruit juices, tomato sauces and wine)
  • Avoid sweets that cling to the teeth, such as hard candy, gummy lollies and caramels
  • Avoid foods rich in carbohydrates such as chips, bread and pasta
  • Avoid foods and drinks with a high sugar content, such as soft drinks and cakes
  • Eat plenty of fibre-rich fruits and vegetables
  • Include plenty of dairy products in your diet
  • Some of the above foods and drinks that should be avoided will creep into the diet. When this happens, make sure you brush your teeth as soon as possible after eating or drinking them.

    Treatments for tooth decay:

    • Where possible, remove highly sugary and highly acidic foods and drinks from your diet
    • Brush your teeth several times per day with a fluoridated toothpaste
    • No matter the level of tooth decay, it is important that you see a dentist as soon as you notice tooth decay
    • The approach to treating tooth decay will be discretionary on the dentist, but some common treatments include:

    • In mild cases, applying a fluoride varnish may fix the damage
    • In cases where there is moderate tooth decay, the dentist may remove the soft decay and fill the cavity with a filling
    • In severe cases, root canal treatment may be necessary to remove the nerve and fix the tooth with a filling or a nerve

    If you suffer from wisdom teeth pain as a result of tooth decay or any other cause, contact us at Wisdom Dental to find out how we can provide wisdom teeth removal in Sydney and Melbourne.

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