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Although you will find that losing a crown or filling is hardly an emergency that will see you rushing off to the nearest hospital, it is important to remember that fillings are still important, as they are used to fill cavities in your teeth. The purpose of crowns is to cover the top part of any damaged teeth; but sometimes they can and do fall out. If there's decay beneath a filling or crown, this does pose the risk of either of them coming lose and falling out. 

What Can You Do About Losing a Filling or Crown?


When you lose a crown or filling it can become painful because it opens the tooth up to a sensitive area. Tooth tissue can become exposed, which is very sensitive to hot and cold external items - such as things like ice cream and coffee. If you lose your crown or filling, try to find it and store it into a safe, clean place. You will need to take it to the dentist later on.

It's important not to wait too long before going to the dentist. If you do leave it for too long, you're at risk of causing damage to the tooth underneath because it no longer has the protection it needs. Additionally, your crown may no longer fit if you leave it too long, as other teeth can move into its location. 

Prior to rushing to the dentist; here are a few things to remember first:

Use clove oil over the sensitive area of your tooth. Use a cotton bud to spread it evenly to give yourself relief from any pain or sensitivity you might be experiencing. You can locate this oil in most super markets in the herbs section.

If you find your crown, there's still a chance you can slip it back into its position. But ensure you clean the inside of the tooth first, otherwise germs and bacteria may become trapped. You can use teeth cement to keep it firm. This step however, is only recommended in dire circumstances; you should always consult your dentist first!

What Can My Dentist Do About a Lost Crown or Filling?


Like we mentioned before, it's vital that you see your dentist as soon as possible if you lose a crown or filling. Decay has the potential to ultimately change the entire shape of your tooth. What this means is, that if you leave it too long before seeing a dentist, and your tooth becomes too decayed, there's a strong possibility that your crown or filling may not fit back in.

Your dentist will need to prepare your decayed tooth for the crown or filling, to ensure it fits properly into place; otherwise it's just going to fall out. Your dentist may even have to give you a new crown or filling, depending on the actual extent of the tooth's decay.

If you think your decay is getting difficult to deal with after leaving it for too long since losing a crown or filling, it's advisable to see an emergency dentist. Give Wisdom Dental Emergency a call on 1300 217 find out how soon you can either get your filling or crown implanted back into your tooth, or receive a new one.

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