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Even if you have good overall oral health, accidents happen and knowing what to do in an emergency can often mean the difference between pain and discomfort, or even losing a tooth permanently.

From a broken tooth, cuts to your cheek, lip and tongue to a raging toothache taking the following steps can lessen the damage to your oral health whilst you seek treatment from your Dentist.

Bites or cuts to your cheek, lip or tongue can generally be treated at home with the use of a cold compress to assist in the treatment of bleeding and swelling. Applying a clean piece of gauze or cloth to the affected area with firm pressure will assist in the clotting process.

Should the damage to your cheek, lip or tongue be severe or if after 15 minutes, the bleeding has not stopped, it is advised to seek medical attention from your local hospital emergency department or your local on-call emergency Dentist.

Broken teeth can lead to long term dental issues if not treated appropriately. In the instance of a broken tooth, the best practice is to rinse your mouth thoroughly with luke-warm water and apply a cold compress on the outside of mouth, over the affected area. Try and locate any tooth fragments, keep them moist and seek immediate medical assistance.

Knocked out teeth/Displaced teeth should be kept moist at all times. Rinsing the mouth gently will assist in removing any dirt or tooth fragments that may be left inside your mouth due to the injury sustained.

Placing the tooth in a cup of milk or back inside your mouth (do not attempt to insert the tooth back into the gum) will assist in preserving the tooth and roots until you can get to your Dentist.

Toothaches are the most common type of dental emergency and relieving pain and discomfort is important. Rinsing your mouth with warm water and lightly flossing around the irritated area can help remove any food that may have become lodged or stuck between the tooth and gum. The use of a cold compress with also assist with the swelling.

Seeking assistance from your local Dentist is advised should the pain and discomfort continue. Under no circumstance, should any aspirin based products be placed directly onto the affected area as it may cause a burning sensation to your gum.

Abscesses are a serious infection that occur at the base of a tooth. If you notice a small pimple-like lump on your gum, rinsing your mouth, several times per day with a mild salt-water solution will help draw the pus/infection to the surface.

Due to the seriousness of an abscess; which can lead to tissue damage, damage to surrounding teeth and the possibility of the infection spreading to other parts of the body, seeking immediate assistance from your Dentist is advised.

Most dentists have time slots allocated daily for dental emergencies, if you are unsure if you are experiencing a dental emergency, call your local Dentist and explain in detail your situation. Your Dentist will work with you to work out a plan of attack.

The information contained in this article is intended to give you general information and prepare you until you can seek assistance from your Dentist.


It is not intended to replace professional medical advice. It is recommended that you contact Wisdom Dental Emergency immediately if you require assistance with a dental emergency

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