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People who have one or more impacted wisdom teeth do know about the discomfort and pain they have to endure. Most of them will consult with a professional dental professional to extract them right away, however this might not be suitable for everyone. Some of them have to wait it out due to different reasons. So, is there a way to get a temporary relief from the pain until wisdom teeth removal in Melbourne is done? Actually, there’s plenty of natural ways that will help. Read on to learn more:

Ice Packs:

Wisdom tooth pain is usually caused due to swelling, which could be controlled using ice packs. Put some pieces of ice in a bag and place this ice pack on the swollen area. This will not just control pain, but facilitates the reduction of inflammation. Ice packs will also be helpful when you recover after wisdom teeth removal in Melbourne.

Rinse with Salt Water:

Take about eight ounces of warm water and add two tablespoons of salt water into it. Stir until it dissolves. Rinse the salt water gently for a few seconds and spit it out. Repeat this process a few times a day, after which you would notice reduced pain. Salt water rinses will also eliminate bacteria, which is great for your oral hygiene. Better oral health will be helpful for the cheap wisdom teeth removal in Melbourne.

Tea Bags:

Wisdom tooth pain might also lead to swollen gums, which could be combated with the help of tea bags. Tea has anti-inflammatory properties that will be extremely helpful in this case. Simply brew a cup of tea, and place the cup in the refrigerator with the tea bag in the cup. When it gets cold, take the tea bag and place it inside your mouth, onto the gum. You will get fast relief from pain, and swelling will reduce as well.


Onion is another natural remedy for pain and inflammation, since it includes phytochemicals that kill the germs causing infection and pain. You simply have to chew a raw onion. Even though the pungent effect of the onion makes you uncomfortable, it does provide an effective relief from pain. Sweet onions also provide relief, but they wouldn’t be as great as yellow or red onions. If you find it hard to chew, you could alternatively hold a piece of onion using your finger close to the tooth and gums.

Guava Leaves:

Guava leaves provide great pain relief. The leaves contain anti-spasm properties, alongside disinfecting and antibacterial properties. Just chew a few Guava leaves slowly, and the juices that are released from them will do the rest.

Follow these natural remedies for a temporary relief from wisdom tooth pain before extraction. Get in touch with a dental professional to learn more about other effective ways to control pain, wisdom teeth removal cost in Melbourne, and more.

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