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Dr Paulo Pinho
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Dealing with your Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Many people put off dealing with their impacted wisdom teeth because they are not feeling any discomfort or they delay seeing the dentist as there is no immediate concerns that need to be addressed. Unfortunately this is not an ideal approach to dealing with impacted wisdom teeth as the issues can turn into costly problems and complications that could have been easily avoided should these matters have been addressed in its early stages.

Impacted wisdom teeth are known as such because they are problematic and commonly grow sideways, are partially erupted which means that only some of the teeth develop above the gum line or they do not develop at all and remain underneath the gum or bone. This can cause a host of other symptoms such as crowded and crooked teeth, gingivitis, tooth infection, swelling and soreness. In severe cases, if left untreated, wisdom teeth can cause jaw expansion, cysts, abscess, changes in dentures, loss of bone mass, irritated gum tissue, sinus issues, congestion problems and can even lead to tumours.

Although the strategy for wisdom teeth that most people follow is to wait until the wisdom teeth pain becomes so excruciating that they are then forced to address the issues, the best course of action is to deal with the problem before it becomes a larger, more expensive one and seek immediate advice from an experienced oral surgeon.

So for an affordable oral surgeon why not contact the team at The Wisdom Teeth Professionals who can provide you with thorough consultation including specific details about wisdom teeth removal and wisdom teeth removal costs. Or should you have a wisdom teeth emergency, contact 1800 WIS DOM and they can provide you with assistance any day of the week!

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