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Yes. Horizontal impaction is the worst and painful type of impacted wisdom teeth. So, it is better to get them out.

What are wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth are the last set of molars to erupt between the ages of 17 and 25. While some have all four wisdom teeth, others don’t develop at all. Unfortunately, these third molars don’t bring bouts of wisdom. Instead, they create a lot of dental complications. Unlike other teeth, wisdom teeth are not necessary, and hence, they are usually extracted because of complications. Wisdom teeth were helpful for our ancestors as they consumed raw food like meat and vegetables. When they lost a tooth, these teeth were helpful for them. But, today, we eat cooked food that is soft and easy to digest. Besides, our jaw is not big enough to accommodate these teeth.

Wisdom teeth removal Melbourne is the only option to prevent them from causing oral problems. It becomes problematic, particularly when they become impacted. If you or your children have wisdom teeth, speak to your dentist.

What are impacted wisdom teeth?

When a wisdom tooth doesn’t get enough space on the jawline to erupt in the right position, they get trapped under the gum. This condition is called impaction. Vertical, mesial, distal, and horizontal impaction is the most common types of wisdom teeth impaction. Of all these, horizontal is the most problematic. So, Wisdom teeth removal Melbourne is necessary for horizontally impacted wisdom teeth.

What is horizontal impaction, and why you need to remove it?

Horizontal impaction is the most painful type. The molar lies horizontally inside the gum and completely away from the surface, pushing the second molar near to it. This type of impaction is seen only on x-ray image and removal requires the skill and expertise of a skilled dentist. Since the horizontally impacted wisdom tooth lies parallel to the jawbone, it can damage the surrounding teeth. If not extracted, it can damage the adjacent teeth, and make them vulnerable to gum disease and dental decay. This is why you need to pull out your horizontally impacted wisdom teeth as early as possible to save other healthy teeth.

Sometimes, this type of impaction may result in having to remove some of the bone, so the procedure is commonly performed under general anaesthesia or IV sedation. There are many factors that affect the Wisdom Teeth removal Price Melbourne, and impaction is one of them. After removal, patients will require a prescription for pain killers and antibiotics to recover quickly. For cheap wisdom teeth removal Melbourne, speak to your dentist.

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