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Some people are of the assumption that removing wisdom teeth is a waste of time, if it doesn’t cause any pain.  This statement has many contradictory opinions from different people. But if you ask the experts in Wisdom teeth removal Melbourne, they would certainly recommend pulling off the wisdom teeth, no matter if it is painful or not. Their logic is that, the wisdom teeth will cause problems in anyways, and provide you with an unattractive teeth structure. This has become a very common procedure now due to the affordable Wisdom teeth removal cost Melbourne, and the growing technology.

What are the possible problems caused by Wisdom Tooth?

  • The wisdom tooth can get impacted, meaning the tooth will remain inside the soft tissues and would only erupt through the gums.
  • When the wisdom tooth remains partially open, there are many chances of bacteria getting into the tooth, which is sure to cause infection leading to swelling of the jaw and causing pain. This will pave way to other oral problems also.
  • Due to the impacted tooth, the position of the jaw gets misaligned. This will cause difficulty in brushing or flossing the teeth.
  • The wisdom teeth will be prone to tooth decay and various diseases related to gums.

Nowadays due to the changing lifestyle, people do not get all of their wisdom teeth. This is because their jaws do not develop completely and curbs the wisdom teeth from erupting.

Is it really necessary to remove the Wisdom Teeth?

Well, it is not necessary to remove the wisdom teeth Melbourne, as long as it does not cause any problem. But, in case, if it causes any problem like crowding or impacted teeth, then it needs to be removed. Sometimes your mouth might not have enough space allowing all the wisdom tooth to erupt, in that case, the tooth might erupt at a wrong angle, affecting the nearby tooth. Your dentist will advise you to pull out the wisdom teeth in these conditions. Also, when you delay the extraction process, your jaw bones might become hard, leading to a complicated surgery and bleeding during the wisdom tooth extraction procedure.

When is the good time to have the wisdom tooth removed?

The decision about pulling the wisdom teeth out mainly depends on the trouble caused by them, and the possible setbacks they are expected to cause in the future. Hence it is important to answer the questions below before having the wisdom tooth removed.

  • Is your wisdom tooth causing any pain?
  • Has your wisdom tooth damaged the jaw or is disturbing the neighbouring teeth? You must also see if there is an increased risk of that might happen in future.
  • Is the wisdom teeth stopping the other teeth from emerging correctly

The wisdom teeth extraction process depends on the condition it really is. Your dentist will examine the shape of your mouth, advice you to take some tests and only then recommend you for the affordable Wisdom teeth removal cost Melbourne. But, if you have severe pain or swelling at the back of your mouth, get in touch with a dentist without any delay.

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