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Do you still have your wisdom teeth? Are you contemplating having it removed or leaving it there? Well if you answered yes to those questions, then this is an article for you, it will equip you with enough information to make the best decision before you start searching for wisdom teeth removal Melbourne clinic.

Should You Have Wisdom Teeth Removed?

It probably would be a great relief if the answer to that question was a simple No or Yes. Well, there is a high chance you need to remove the wisdom teeth if they are there because our jawbone has only enough space for two wisdom teeth on each side and the extra tooth just causes problems.  A few people are lucky not to need this done because they either do not have wisdom teeth or the teeth cause no problem.

How to Know if Your Wisdom Teeth Need to be Removed?

By the time you are 12, the wisdom teeth will start developing, you can use a mirror to look into your mouth and see if you have more than 2 big molars on each side, if there are 3, then a wisdom tooth is developing, at the moment it is hard to know if it will be a problem or not so do not wait for it to become a problem, go to the wisdom teeth removal Melbourne dentist and have them examine it and tell you what needs to be done.

Information to get From the Dentist

  • Find out if there is any chance of complication during the procedure
  • What risks do you face if you leave the teeth to grow
  • Will it be painful and is there a remedy for pain
  • What does the wisdom teeth removal cost Melbourne
  • Will all the wisdom teeth have to come out

The Reason for Wisdom Teeth Removal

In most cases, wisdom teeth grow at an angle that pushes against the tooth next to them, this can damage that tooth and lead to complications, one of the immediate complications is pain.

At times also the tooth may not erupt and after many years this can result in a cancerous growth on the gum above that tooth.

Is Waiting to see if Complications Arise an Option?

Well, there are times when the tooth will develop normally and cause no complication but it is better to be safe than sorry, also the dentist can examine the dental structure and decide whether to remove it or not.

Dry Socket

This is something the dentist will explain in detail to you, but it is rare that it occurs. Dry socket is a situation where after the surgery, a clot forms over the wound, but before the wound is fully healed, the clot comes off, maybe because the patient did not follow the dentist’s advice. Habits like smoking can cause a dry socket. It is extremely painful and you should ensure you follow the doctor’s advice to prevent it.

Price of Wisdom Tooth Removal

This will depend on the surgery you opt for and on your general health. There are some dental offices where you can get cheap wisdom teeth removal Melbourne, so research well before visiting one.

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