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Dr Paulo Pinho
  • Dr Pinho is a registered Australian dental surgeon
  • Dr Pinho is a member of the Australian Dental Association
  • Over 20,000 Wisdom Teeth Removed in the past 15 years
  • Impeccable Safety Record
  • Local & General Anaesthesia
  • Dental Sedation
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Everyone knows that a lot of people suffer from a dental phobia.  This may be due to a negative childhood experience, injection anxiety or dental pain.  Professional dentists understand this.  They are trained to identify all issues and use their experience in the field to address all you concerns.  The right dentist work with you to ensure that you are confident, comfortable and informed on what you will expect during wisdom teeth removal.  Finding the right dentist who will do these for you is the key to a good experience.

The right dentist will give you a unique approach to ensuring every aspect of your tooth extraction and wisdom teeth removal is as relaxed and calm as possible.  The right dentist is experienced in using the most advanced dental technology available to provide you with safe and painless oral surgery, wisdom teeth removal and or any kind of tooth extraction.



Professional dentists will have formed a close partnership with several high quality Day Surgery Hospitals.  They should be constantly coordinating with top anesthetists across Australia to ensure all their patients can benefit from the lowest possible fees for general anesthesia should hospitalization be required.  We advise that you look around and ask various dentists in your area.  Find an affordable oral surgeon who will properly inform you and help you through all your options.

The right dentists will provide you with all the informational options, the pros and cons for your surgery, whether it will be local anesthesia, general anesthesia, IV sedation, or Penthrox sedation.

Anesthesia means general loss of sensation. During tooth extraction or wisdom teeth removal, the surgery may be carried out using local or general anesthesia.  These procedures can also be done with or without help of sedation.

Local Anesthesia is a process that provides a nerve block and numbs the part of the body where the procedure is to be performed. This procedure is mostly done in the clinic and the patient is awake and free of pain. On these occasions, it is advisable to have a normal meal before wisdom teeth removal surgery under local anesthetic.

General Anesthesia is a process performed at designated hospitals equipped with the safest and latest dental and medical technology for tooth extraction and surgery.   General anesthesia is generally considered as being put to sleep. However this is not true. Rather the anesthetist puts the patient in a state of carefully and scientifically controlled unconsciousness for the duration of the oral surgery or wisdom teeth removal. This is achieved and maintained by drugs with a mix of gases. While you remain unaware of what is happening around you, the Anesthetist carefully monitors your condition closely and constantly adjusts the level of anesthesia during the oral surgery or tooth extraction.


IV Sedation is another process. When patients are sedated by the surgeon or an anesthetist in the dental clinic , the patients under General Anesthesia are totally monitored in a very safe hospital environment with a number of health professionals supported by registered nurses and state of the art hospital equipment. General Anesthesia is only performed by an anesthetist medical specialist who works together with the oral surgeon and is therefore usually recognized as the safest possible type of sedation or anesthesia.


Penthrox Sedation is another alternative to General Anesthesia and IV sedation and can provide pain and anxiety relief during tooth extraction and wisdom teeth removal surgery.  Penthrox is a combination of an inhaler device and a pharmaceutical agent that has extremely safe record and has been used in Australia for over 30 years by healthcare professionals. Penthrox will provide you with pain relief while at the same time making you feel relaxed and more comfortable during the procedure.


We recommend that you seek a second opinion from an appropriate qualified health practitioner and ask more about sleep dentistry.  They are the experts in the field of wisdom teeth removal and constantly coordinating with them is the key to a successful wisdom teeth removal process.

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