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Several patients opt for affordable wisdom teeth removal in Melbourne which is intended to address dental problems. Despite being a common practice, a number of people continue to make aftercare errors that could cause complications even during recovery. Be sure to avoid the following mistakes to smooth the healing process and ensure a decreased pain:

Tobacco Usage

During the healing process one of the hardest things to do is smoke. In the recovery period, blood clots play an enormous role which helps to prevent bleeding. Smoking can interfere with the blood clot and lead to dry socket, which is extremely painful. With pain killers, dry socket could not be easily treated either. Tobacco smoking and the use of tobacco products in general slows down the healing process and thereby restricts the use of them during rehabilitation by any means.

Lack of Proper Mouth Rinsing

You should clean your mouth as prescribed by your dental professional for proper healing after wisdom teeth removal, and for better dental health. Rinse several times in a day, using warm water mixed with a slight amount of salt. It will be easy to do this, after eating or drinking. Proper rinsing can reduce pain and swelling, and will also aid in the healing process


One of the greatest errors is the workout or participation during recovery time in physically strenuous activity. You are expected to have a good rest for your body at this time. Involving your extraction site in energy consuming activities may be troubling. Before you resume your exercise routine, make sure the swelling and bleeding symptoms have stopped absolutely.

Improper Food and Nutrition

Healthy healing requires not only rest and medicine but also healthy diet and nutrition. Also, you need to ensure that your recovery diet doesn’t include the following:

  • Sugary foods – The plane ice cream is perfect, but don't go crazy on the sugar products. They could cause damage to your teeth. That is the secret to balance.
  • Spicy and hot foods – Spiciness can affect the blood clot and may cause infection.
  • Alcohol – Similar to tobacco products, alcoholic drinks could delay the wisdom teeth removal healing process.
  • Soda – Carbonated frizzy drinks could dislodge the blood clot.
  • Crunchy Foods – After the removal of wisdom teeth in Melbourne, you need to avoid crunchy foods until you recover completely. You have to stay away from crunchy or hard-to-chew foods as it could lead to infection.

Some patients may eat solid foods which require chewing before fully recovering. Others will at this time remain totally away from eating and drinking. You should not adopt any of these methods. Do make sure you’re hydrated and eat soft foods, needless chewing, and are healthy. Affecting the healing process may lead to various other procedures that could increase the wisdom teeth removal price in Melbourne.

If you are wondering about the wisdom teeth removal price in Melbourne, you can contact Wisdom Dental Emergency.

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