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If you are facing problems concerning your wisdom teeth, sometimes it is good to understand what causes it so that you can look for a solution to remedy the situation. An impacted tooth causes pain and damage to other teeth, and could cause your teeth to crowd together.

This especially happens if there isn’t enough room in your mouth for the wisdom teeth to fully erupt and the tooth fails to fully emerge into its proper position. In addition, when the tooth grows at an awkward angle against your second molar, it will push your teeth and cause the alignment to go out of place.

There are four types of impacted wisdom teeth and they all grow in different angles and positions.

Mesioangular Impaction

 wisdom tooth mesial impaction

This is the most common form of impaction and it is also said to be the hardest wisdom tooth to remove. It is commonly angled forward towards the mouth and could possibly push your other teeth forwards.

Vertical Impaction

wisdom tooth vertical impaction

Vertical impaction happens when the wisdom tooth has a relatively normal orientation but doesn’t fully erupt through the gum.

Distoangular Impaction

wisdom tooth distal impaction

Unlike the mesial impaction, the distoangular impaction is when the wisdom tooth grows is tilted back towards the rear of the mouth. This could cause significant pain at the back of your mouth but it is also said to be the easiest type of wisdom tooth to extract.

Horizontal Impaction

wisdom tooth horizontal impaction

As the least common form impaction, only 3% of wisdom tooth cases have this problem. It grows at an extremely awkward sideways, 90 degree angle and grows into the roots of the second molar.

It is highly recommended that you get your wisdom teeth removal done as soon as possible if you are facing any of these problems. In order for you to find out more about the type of impaction that you are facing and to get the best oral surgery solution, come and visit us at our wisdom teeth removal clinic in Melbourne and we will gladly help your with your queries.

If you are looking for an experienced oral surgeon in Melbourne to help you with your wisdom teeth removal, take a trip down to our clinic and get your teeth examined by Dr. Pinho and our team of highly qualified dental surgeons. Book your next appointment today by calling 1 800 WISDOM or book online at

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