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Is Wisdom Tooth Extraction Necessary? 
When it comes to wisdom tooth extraction there becomes a fine line between pulling it out and leaving it alone. There've been continuous debates among dentists alike expressing that a third molar isn't needed and can be a risk for Dry Socket. However for some they feel it's better to remove it to eliminate suffering bacterial infections later on down the line.
What's a Wisdom Tooth?
Simply put a wisdom tooth is the third molar and typically erupts at the age of 16 until 25. Typically there are no serious threats with a wisdom Tooth. For Some, They Live in their entire life without experiencing any pain or discomfort. However, for some issues arise and this leads to the wisdom tooth needing to be removed. This is where a wisdom tooth extraction comes into play.
If your doctor believes you need to wisdom teeth removed or surgery may be needed and this could be a result of impaction. Simply put, an impaction is where the tooth is in distress as it has nowhere in the jaw to erupt. The wisdom tooth tries to find a way out however cannot completely emerge as the area becomes crowded. Wisdom tooth extraction is needed due to it misaligning not only your wisdom teeth but also other teeth as well.
Wisdom Tooth Extraction
If you suspect your wisdom tooth is impacted going to local oral surgeon is immediately it required. Even for those who are not fond of surgical removal this is going to be the only cure. Not only because of the pain, but because severe damage can occur.
Complications of an impacted wisdom tooth include nerve damage as well as numbness to the mouth, tongue, and chin 30 and an additional problem assist or formation of tumors, while these can be treated healing is shorter if taking care of properly.
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