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A lot of our patients want to know what they should expect after a wisdom teeth removal procedure and how they can prepare for it. Keep in mind that oral treatment for wisdom teeth must be handled with careful attention and highly delicate skills that are possessed by only the best oral surgeons in Melbourne and Sydney.

Wisdom teeth pain is a fairly normal occurrence for most teenagers and adults between the ages of 16 - 25 and the easiest, most long-term solution to the problem is to get it removed ASAP!

Now, even after we have successfully completed the treatment, it would still take time for your teeth, jaw and gums to heal so that you can get the best results possible. Our experienced oral surgeon highly recommends that you prepare yourself for what comes next so that you don't get taken by surprise afterwards. These are the few common things that might happen after a wisdom teeth removal surgery:


This is possibly the most well-known thing that happens after the procedure. To remedy the problem, simply place an ice-pack or a bag of frozen corn/peas on the side of your cheeks during the first 24 -48 hours.

Dry Socket

Although this is a fairly common problem after lower wisdom teeth removal, the pain can be easily managed if you know how to. Our oral surgeon will prescribe you with the necessary pain medication to help ease the pain. On top of that, 24 hours after the wisdom teeth removal, you can try to GENTLY rinse your mouth with warm water. If dry sockets are properly taken care of, it's highly unlikely that it will get infected or cause more serious complications.

Stiff Jaw Muscles (Trismus)

You might find it a little bit hard to use the full functional capacity of your mouth for a couple of days. So, it might be a little bit uncomfortable for you to talk and eat or even simply open and close your mouth. After three days of ice-pack applications on your cheeks, what you can do is to put a warm cloth on your jaws as much as possible. The heat will help to loosen up the muscles and allow you to slowly gain back complete functionality of the mouth.


Naturally, your wisdom teeth sockets will be exposed for awhile before it heals so bleeding is a very normal thing that will happen. So, don't be frightened if you taste blood in your mouth! Just place a clean piece of gauze on the wounds to soak up the blood and excess saliva. Change it regularly every half-hour or so. Your best friend during this time is probably the ice-pack so keep it on your cheeks to help reduce the flow of blood to the wisdom teeth area. One more important thing to remember is that you shouldn't spit because it can cause even more pain to the exposed teeth sockets.

And the final thing you can expect...

Constant support from our friendly oral surgeons in Melbourne and Sydney!

That's right, when you are with us, you will get on-going advice and support to help you recover from your wisdom teeth removal treatment as soon as humanly possible. On top of that, if you are having further complications in the future, you can easily refer back to our oral surgeon, who will be ready to help you out at anytime.

If you are looking for professional and affordable oral surgery in Melbourne or Sydney to help you with your wisdom teeth removal, or you need help managing wisdom teeth pain, take a trip down to our clinic to get your teeth examined by Dr. Pinho and our team of highly qualified dental surgeons. Book your next appointment today by calling 1 800 WISDOM or book online at

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