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What to Expect During Wisdom Teeth Extraction
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If you are developing wisdom teeth, chances are that you need to undergo Wisdom teeth removal Melbourne procedure. It is quite normal to be nervous about the extraction. It is often the anticipation of the procedure makes you feel more anxious and nervous about wisdom teeth extraction. When you know what to expect during and after wisdom teeth extraction, it could help you cope up with your anxiety.

Before the procedure

If the wisdom teeth bother you, it is essential to visit the dentist. The dentist will take an X-ray image and to find out the position of the wisdom tooth and to determine whether you will need cheap wisdom teeth removal Melbourne or not. It is good to ask as many as question about the extraction as you dentist will happy to assist you with your queries and help clear your doubts. During the consultation, enquire about the Wisdom Teeth removal Price Melbourne as well.

Follow the instructions given by your dentist before the day of the surgery. Also, ensure to inform your dentist of any medications you may be taking. Take someone with you to the dentist office so that they could stay with you during the procedure and drive you home.

Wisdom teeth removal Melbourne procedure

Wisdom teeth extraction is a common procedure carried out in the dentist’s office. You don’t have to stay in the hospital.


Your dentist will give local anaesthesia to numb the surgical site. If you are too anxious about the procedure, the dentist will offer one of a few sedation options to your comfort level as well as the extractions required. The sedation would suggest nitrous oxide, oral medications to be taken shortly beforehand, or IV sedation, which is generally considered the most comfortable since you won’t remember anything afterward.


Once the sedation has taken effect, the dentist will begin the surgical part. The gum tissue covering the area around the wisdom teeth will be surgically removed. If your wisdom tooth is trapped under the gum, impacted, a small incision will be made in the tissue to access the tooth. Then the tissue is pushed away until the tooth is visible.

There are chances that an impacted wisdom tooth could be fully or partially covered in the bone. In that case, the dentist will remove the bone covering the tooth using a drill. If the tooth is already developed, the dentist will loosen the connective tissue around it.

When the tooth is visible, dentist will loosen the tooth from any tissue in the tooth’s socket. Then the tooth is rocked to and forth and then pulled out. The same procedure is followed for the tooth that is completely erupted. The dentist will cut the tooth into pieces to extract it.

Finally, the dentist will add stitches to close the area. This depends on the complexity of the case. For a simple tooth extraction, you may not need stitches.

After wisdom teeth extraction  

Take the antibiotics and painkillers as prescribed the dentist to heal and recover quickly. Stick to soft diet for a week and follow the post-operative care instructions carefully to avoid complications.

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