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Not everyone develops a wisdom tooth. Even if it has developed, there are chances that you will have to opt for a Wisdom teeth removal Melbourne due to various reasons. It is understandable that a patient might be quite nervous about the procedure. Hence one must be aware of what will happen during the wisdom tooth removal procedure.

What Should You Do Before The Procedure?

Carefully follow all the instructions specified by your dentist before the cheap wisdom teeth removal Melbourne. Inform your dentist beforehand regarding any medications or supplements that you are currently following. Also, arrange for a companion to accompany with you during the day of the procedure, so that they can take you home after the wisdom tooth extraction process.

The Wisdom teeth removal Melbourne Process

The wisdom tooth removal process will happen at the dentist's office. The following are the steps that will be followed to extract the wisdom tooth out of the mouth.

  • Sedation Process – You dentist will administer sedation, based on the requirements of the extraction process. The sedation is usually given shortly before the procedure. It will be dispensed through IV sedation or oral medications, just to keep you comfortable during the process.
  • Imaging Process – After the sedation procedure, the oral surgeon will start with numbing the wisdom tooth and its adjacent tissues with local anesthesia. The dentist might want to take additional X-rays at this juncture.
  • Taking of the Tissues – The dentist will commence the surgery by carefully removing the gum tissues covering the wisdom tooth. In case, if the wisdom tooth is impacted, he will make a small incision in the area to reach the tooth. At this stage. The dentist keeps gum tissue is kept out of the way using an instrument to keep the tooth in visible condition.
  • Tooth Extraction Process – When the wisdom tooth becomes visible, the dentist will use surgical equipment to loosen the tooth from the socket. At this stage, the dentist might also cut the tooth into pieces to completely remove it and prevent the tooth pieces from staying back.
  • Full Removal of Tooth – Once after the wisdom tooth becomes loose, it is ready to be detached from the mouth. The dentist will use various equipment designed for this purpose.
  • Surgical Stitches – Now after removing the wisdom tooth, there will be a gap in the area. The dentist will stitch it up, to help the wound heal better.
  • Recovery Process – After removing the wisdom tooth completely out of your mouth, the dentist will place gauze on your mouth to bite down to help the blood clot in the surgical area.

What Happens After The Procedure?

Wisdom tooth removal is a common procedure with fewer complications.  Hence, for an effective recovery, follow the post-operative instructions offered by the dentist carefully, especially during the first few days of your procedure.

Take your time and discuss with your oral surgeon any questions regarding your wisdom tooth removal process or Wisdom Teeth removal Price Melbourne, and understand how to get prepared for the process.

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