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wisdom teeth removal

So you’ve finally noticed that there’s a new tooth that appears to be growing at the back of your mouth.  You’re pretty sure it’s a wisdom tooth but it’s not painful. You’re feeling relieved because there is no tooth aches or jaw pain. Because of this, you’re considering not having it removed because there is no associated pain.

And besides, why should you spend the money for a wisdom tooth extraction if there is no pain? Doesn’t that just seem a waste of money to go through it all if you don’t really need to?

This is a common mistake that many people make. They wrongly assume that the only reason to remove wisdom teeth is when it becomes painful. There are actually many more reasons why you should get your wisdom teeth extracted. Here’s a common list of reasons why wisdom teeth removal is necessary:

Chance of bacterial infection

When wisdom teeth partially break through the gum and do not fully erupt, this can increase the chances of bacterial infection, otherwise known as Pericoronitis. Some symptoms of Pericoronitis can include pain, swelling and even difficulty in opening the mouth. Because of this, it is important to remove the wisdom teeth before it becomes a full blown wisdom teeth emergency.

 Expected to grow crooked

There are times when oral surgeons can conduct x-rays and tests and make a determination of when unerupted wisdom teeth are expected to grow crooked and impact other teeth. When this is the prognosis, it is always best to get them removed as a preventative measure ensuring that your other teeth are protected from future damage.  If left untreated, they may grow misaligned and angled in such a way that they affect existing teeth by crowding teeth and damaging the jawbone or even nerves.

A cyst develops

If a cyst develops around a wisdom tooth that has not emerged from the gum yet, you will need to get your wisdom teeth removed. Not only is this painful, but the possibility of your unerupted wisdom tooth to damage surrounding tissue and bone is so high, overlooking this issue will indeed be costly and the last thing you want is to take a trip to see an emergency dentist. 

So if you need wisdom teeth removal, why not drop in to the Wisdom Teeth Professionals clinic, an affordable oral surgery in Melbourne or contact them on 1 800 WISDOM. The qualified and experienced team at Wisdom Teeth Professionals headed by Dr. Pinho will provide you with the right oral treatment to ensure that you can keep on smiling. 

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