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Wisdom Teeth - Know More about It

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Wisdom teeth are the last set of teeth people get in their early twenties. Just like every other tooth, the third molars can also develop into healthy teeth to support your jaw bone. Fully developed wisdom teeth can function like other normal teeth. They serve the same purpose as other molars. We don't have the space to accommodate all the third molars, unlike our ancestors. So, in most cases, these teeth become impacted and have to be removed. 

How should I take care of my third molars or Wisdom Teeth?

The third molars, while they erupt fully or are erupting, need the same attention that other teeth demand. Following regular oral care routine is vital to prevent them from tooth decay and gum diseases. These molars are difficult to reach with routine brushing as they are situated right at the backside of your mouth. 

Once you reach your teenager, it is advised to consult your dentist regularly to check the condition of your erupting third molars. He would check your teeth would suggest Wisdom teeth removal Melbourne if they are impacted, decayed or have a cyst. That’s because an impacted molar will compromise the health of your existing teeth to a great extent.

What are Impacted Wisdom Teeth? 

‘Impacted third molars’, this term is commonly heard during the teenage. It refers to the wisdom teeth that are unable to erupt completely into the mouth. Wisdom teeth impaction result due to:

  • The length of the mandible having no adequate space to accommodate the new teeth
  • Inadequate space in the mouth

Wisdom teeth that erupt at an odd angle tend to lean towards the adjacent molars. They can lean in any direction.

Only with a dental check-up, one can know the exact condition of the third molars. During a dental check-up, the dentist will assess your teeth for associated pathology and recommend affordable wisdom teeth removal price Melbourne

What about the postoperative care of Wisdom Teeth extraction?

Your dentist removes wisdom teeth with at most care. Here are a few tips from experts to take care of you after cheap wisdom teeth removal Melbourne:

  • Avoid touching the area where the tooth is removed.
  • Don’t take hot drinks or food for one day after the procedure.
  • Don’t eat or chew when your mouth is numb, as it may result in biting your tongue or gums. 
  • Take medications as directed by your dentist.
  • Don’t swish water for at 24 hours post-procedure, as this may dislodge the blood clots in the socket. This can result in further complications. 

Thus Wisdom teeth removal Melbourne is a simple procedure there is nothing to fear of. Go for it!

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