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A dental emergency does not see the time or circumstances when it occurs. It happens at anytime and to absolutely any person. One of the most common dental emergencies to strike individuals is wisdom teeth ailments. Wisdom tooth can get impacted or cause discomfort even during pregnancy.

It is very important to not neglect wisdom teeth ailments anytime, even during pregnancy. Today with the number of specialists and experts available, wisdom tooth extraction is now an easy, hassle-free and completely safe procedure. What is more, today it is not even an expensive procedure with cheap wisdom teeth removal making life easier for one and all. The most important thing to do when visiting a dentist for wisdom tooth extraction is to inform him/her that you are pregnant. The dentist will then accordingly use a local anaesthetic and prescribe medicines that will not have any harmful effect on your pregnancy.

If possible, try and have any treatment or procedure of wisdom tooth extraction in the second trimester. Consult your dentist regarding the same. When it comes to an antibiotic before or after the wisdom tooth extraction procedure, medical and dental experts claim that it is safe to take penicillin or amoxicillin, but tetracycline should be completely avoided. Your dental health expert will provide you the right medicine depending on your individual condition.

When pregnant, hormonal changes are continuously happening in the body. These hormonal changes are likely to give rise to a lot of conditions in your body. Thus when opting for wisdom tooth extraction, one is likely to have conditions like sensitive gums that may bleed and swell at slight irritation, etc. Experts claim that such reactions of the gums are most likely also due to plaque surrounding the teeth in pregnant women. Hence they suggest that pregnant women should have a minimum of two dental cleanings during their pregnancy. Usually, an X-ray is required to determine the condition for the wisdom teeth. While a dental X-ray has no known effects on your unborn child, it is still advised that one opts for the X-ray in the second trimester if possible.

Finally today with advancement in dentistry, not only are the procedures safe but also affordable. One can easily find a number of dental surgeons who offer cheap wisdom teeth removal. Hence, if you are avoiding your wisdom tooth extraction due to monetary reasons during pregnancy, be assured that today cheap wisdom teeth removal is a reality.

Today, it is extremely safe to opt for wisdom tooth extraction during pregnancy and due to the availability of cheap wisdom teeth removal, this procedure is not a financial burden either. Hence, if having discomfort or pain in wisdom teeth during pregnancy do not avoid visiting a dental surgeon or getting a wisdom tooth extraction.

As discussed above, the hormonal fluxes might turn your gums to be extremely sensitive, especially, resulting in the inflammation of the gums, causing them to bleed and result in the intensification of a number of dental problems. Yes, pregnancy causes a lot of changes in your mouth, which might make the conditions worse compelling for a wisdom teeth removal during pregnancy.

Ignoring the common dental problems, can actually aggravate the complications during pregnancy. However, in the event of a tooth extraction procedure, you might need to consider the health of your baby as well. So, discuss with you dentist before opting for the procedure.

You might actually have a lot of questions regarding wisdom teeth removal and pregnancy. Here are our answers to your questions.

Is wisdom teeth removal safe during pregnancy?

The dentists or the oral surgeons usually avoid extracting tooth during pregnancy and carry it out only in case of emergencies. This is because, extracting a tooth out during pregnancy, might put you under stress, which might have a reflection on your baby. Similarly, in the case of you having infections or gingivitis, this might also have a serious effect on your baby. With many safe and advanced procedures available for wisdom teeth removal during pregnancy, it is safe to consider a tooth extraction.

What are the common oral problems that I should watch out for during pregnancy?

The hormonal change that is caused during pregnancy might worsen the tooth problems that you already had in the uncomplicated level. Moreover, one bacterial infection might pave way to another periodontal disease, due to increased sensitivity in the gums. Here are some common dental problems associated with pregnancy –

  • Gingivitis – this condition makes your gums inflamed and it swells up. You will also notice bleeding from your gums when you brush your teeth or floss.
  • Tooth Decay – the morning sickness or nausea during pregnancy can intensify the level of acids in your mouth and cause the enamel on the teeth to subside, resulting in tooth decay.
  • Tumours – this extra growth between the teeth is a very common condition with the women during their second trimester, which is cause by extra plaque in mouth, which usually shrink post-delivery.


What Symptoms Indicate the Need for wisdom teeth removal during pregnancy?

You might have to consider a tooth extraction immediately, if you notice the following symptoms –

  • If you experience strong pain in your gums and tooth.
  • If your tooth is infected or you got a tooth decay.
  • Swollen or bleeding gums

Apart from these symptoms, it is always good to get your tooth extracted if you experience any discomfort during the pregnancy to avoid any harm to the unborn baby. 

Is second trimester the right time for Tooth Removal?

Yes, the wisdom teeth removal during second trimester is considered the safest time for at tooth extraction, as your baby would have developed all the organs by this time.  An experienced dentist in wisdom teeth removal Sydney should be able to help you with the right recommendation based on your health condition.

Will my food cravings cause dental problems?

An unusual food craving among women is very common during pregnancy. Sweet and sour are the common tastes that might increase the risk of tooth decay. Try to munch in snacks with limited sugar or sour foods instead and opt for healthy options in the form of fresh fruits. After you munch in a snack, rinse your mouth thoroughly with an alcohol-free mouth rinse and brush your teeth properly. 

What will help soothe an infection apart from tooth extraction?

A dentist will often suggest antibiotics to treat the infections in your mouth. He would usually suggest the Category B drugs which is safe to take during pregnancy. In case, if the infection the infection persists, he might suggest further treatment measures. 

How can I increase my calcium level during pregnancy in a natural way?

Sufficient calcium will not only protect the mass of your bones, but also, it will meet the needs of your developing baby.  So, make sure to take in good sources of dietary calcium that is found in – milk, unsweetened yoghurt, eggs, calcium-fortified soymilk and cheese.

How to avoid dental procedures during pregnancy? 

If you follow a proper dental hygiene, there are chances that you can rule out the need for dental procedures during pregnancy. Here are a few that you must follow –

  • Put of the build of plaque on your teeth
  • Avoid the intake of too much of sweet food items, instead take in healthy fruits
  • Brush your teeth neat and clean, using toothpaste, that contains fluoride, also floss regularly
  • Avoid smoking, which is the reason for many periodontal problems. It is good for your baby too! 

Taking care of your oral health is very important during your life, especially when you are pregnant, as the hormones during your pregnancy period could aggravate your oral problems. Hence, always ensure that you maintain a proper dental hygiene with the advice of an experienced dentist to get into a complex situation of emergency wisdom teeth removal during pregnancy.

Author: Erica Greenslade

Resource: The author is an active blogger and dental health expert by profession. Her knowledge in the field of dentistry has seen her contribute to and write several articles on topics like the risks involved in wisdom tooth extraction, the best clinics offering cheap wisdom teeth removal, tips to maintain gum health, etc.

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