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Wisdom Teeth Removal Sydney & Melbourne - Why Choose us ?

Dr Paulo Pinho
  • Dr Pinho is a registered Australian dental surgeon
  • Dr Pinho is a member of the Australian Dental Association
  • Over 20,000 Wisdom Teeth Removed in the past 15 years
  • Impeccable Safety Record
  • Local & General Anaesthesia
  • Dental Sedation
  • No Hidden Costs

Wisdom Teeth Sydney is now in partnership with The Wisdom Teeth Professionals to assist patients in Sydney. Since opening of the service in Melbourne we have received hundreds of queries requesting Wisdom Tooth Extraction and removal in Sydney. We are now proudly opening the new service in Sydney CBD. We will be working with oral surgeon in Sydney together with dental surgeons as well at several ocations around the city.

The clinic is in a fantastic easy location steps away from Wynyard train station. Wisdom Teeth Sydney will be offering the same safe and affordale service as it has always been known for in all the locations in the country.

The wisdom teeth removal cost in Sydney will be the same with consultation at $55 and tooth extraction starting at $150 as per our PRICE webpage. Patients will be able to book wisdom teeth extraction online or by calling 1800 WISDOM. A Dental Emergency service will also be held in the clinics.

Wisdom Teeth Surgery will be available under local anaesthetic , IV sedation or sleep dentistry and General anaesthetic at Hospitals in Sydney. They way the extraction or removal is performed will depend on the level of difficulty of each individual case and the patients preference. Detailed explanation about each option can be found on the website.

It is always a good idea to come for a Wisdom Teeth Removal consultation at around 17 years of age. At this stage an oral sugeon or dental surgeon is usually able to let the patient know if there is enough space for full eruption or if the wisdom tooth or teeth would only partially erupt. A partially erupted wisdom tooth will most of the time be very difficult to oral hygiene and can cuse infection and decay on the adjacent teeth.

An OPG X Ray is usually the most appropriate exam to help finding trouble with Wisdom Teeth and also assist during the removal or extraction. This Xray is capable to find nobel and important anatomical structures like the inferior alveolar nerve and the sinus. Damage to this structures and others can occur during wisdom teeth removal surgery and numbness of lips and chin can bre the result. Aggod xray and examination by an Oral Surgeon in Sydney is the best way to prevent any incident.

We understand how nervous patient in Sydney can be in regards to Wisdom Teeth extractions and will use our years of experience to provide you with a gentle and painless procedure. By concentrating only in wisdom teeth removal we know the best way to deal with the problem safely and gently. If you are anxious about the procedure we will discuss all of your options and will sure find one that will suit you considering all your needs.

Wisdom Teeth Sydney is open 7 days a week in several locations in Sydney with the main location in the CBD. Call us today on 1 800 WISDOM to book your consultation. You can now book ONLINE 24 hour as well thru our website.


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