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While wisdom tooth extraction is today a very common procedure, there are still many myths and pre-conceived notions surrounding this very common dental condition. Almost everyone has a different perspective when it comes to wisdom teeth and wisdom tooth extraction.

The advancement in dentistry and medical science has helped eliminate and erase a number of myths surrounding wisdom teeth and wisdom tooth extraction. Today, cheap wisdom teeth removal and wisdom tooth procedure are extremely common. There still are some myths that most people fall prey to when it comes to wisdom tooth extraction. Here are some of the most common myths about wisdom tooth extraction:

Myth 1: All wisdom teeth are problematic and need wisdom tooth extraction

This is one of the most common myths surrounding wisdom teeth and wisdom tooth extraction. However, according to dental experts only 12% of wisdom teeth actually cause an acute issue and dental problem that requires the attention of a dentist to resolve.

Myth 2: All wisdom teeth should be removed at earliest stage

It is said that all four wisdom teeth should be extracted in early adulthood before the roots are fully formed to minimise any chance of infection and pain. Many patients even opt to have their wisdom teeth removed before any signs of discomfort or pain even arise to avail the benefits of cheap wisdom teeth removal instead of waiting to see if complications arise in future and paying more money.

However, wisdom tooth extraction specialists and oral surgeons are against this. Early removal of wisdom teeth is likely to be more traumatic for the patient than a wait and see approach which leaves asymptomatic wisdom teeth in place and only extracts them if problems develop in the future.

Secondary infections, dry sockets and other complications of wisdom tooth extraction are less likely to occur in older patients than young adults.

Myth 3: Erupting wisdom teeth crowd anterior teeth

Multiple studies have proved this myth wrong. According to experts it is simply not possible for wisdom teeth to crowd 14 other teeth with firm vertical roots. There is simply not enough force to do this, making this one of the most common myths related to wisdom tooth extraction.

Myth 4: Wisdom teeth related problems and risks increase with age

There is zero evidence to support the unsubstantiated claim that problems with impacted wisdom teeth increase with age. There is no study or scientific data that can prove this fact.

Myth 5: Less risk of complications in wisdom tooth extraction

While a common procedure, wisdom tooth extraction can lead to a lot of complications in the patient. Hence despite the availability of cheap wisdom teeth removal and advancement in dentistry, one cannot completely ignore the complications associated with wisdom tooth extractions. Some of the most common complications developed after wisdom tooth extraction include, pain, swelling, trismus (lockjaw), hemorrhage, alveolar osteitis (dry socket), periodontal damage, etc.

Thus, despite advancement in dentistry and awareness about dental procedures there are still many myths when it comes to wisdom tooth extraction. Today the availability of cheap wisdom teeth removal also makes many neglect facts like complications of wisdom tooth extraction or even the necessity of the wisdom tooth extraction.

Thus, it is recommended that one considers all facts and seeks the right dental advice when contemplating wisdom tooth extraction.

Author: Erica Greenslade

Resource: The author is an active blogger and dental health expert by profession. Her knowledge in the field of dentistry has seen her contribute to and write several articles on topics like the risks involved in wisdom tooth extraction, the best clinics offering cheap wisdom teeth removal, tips to maintain gum health, etc.
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