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Wisdom Tooth Extraction: Recovery
Most everyone has undergone a wisdom tooth extraction. One of the most common dentalprocedures, today many dentists offer cheap wisdom teeth removal which makes this procedureaffordable to one and all.
While many people like to take advantage of cheap wisdom teeth removal offers, there is stilla lot of care and caution that needs to be followed when one opts for wisdom tooth extraction.
In fact, it is after the wisdom tooth extraction that one has to take utmost care.
The recovery aswell as the speed of recovery after a wisdom tooth extraction is greatly determined by the degreeof difficulty of the extraction.
Thus, even if it is a simple and cheap wisdom teeth removal procedure or a complicated one, here are some of the things that you must expect and followduring the recovery period:
First 24 hours:

Bleeding: Bleeding is very common and may occur for several hours after the wisdom tooth extraction. However, if heavy bleeding continues to occur, contact your dentistor oral surgeon immediately. Besides, it is also advised to avoid spitting or suckingactions or even drinking hot liquids immediately after the wisdom tooth extraction, as itaggravates the area.

Facial swelling: Most patients who undergo a wisdom tooth extraction will experiencefacial swelling in the area where the tooth was extracted. Procedures like placing a pieceof ice wrapped in a cloth on the facial area usually help to minimise the swelling.

Medicines and Antibiotics: Usually your dentist or oral surgeon will prescribe painmedications and antibiotics depending on the wisdom tooth extraction procedure. Thesemedications are essential in the recovery period.

Food: Usually the dentist will advise the wisdom tooth extraction patient to be on aliquid diet till the effect i.e. numbness of the anaesthesia has worn off completely.

Brushing: While there is no restriction in brushing the teeth, one should avoid brushingthe teeth directly neighbouring the extracted tooth during the first 24 hours.
Post 24 hours:

Stitches: If your dentist or oral surgeon has used stitches that are not the self-dissolvingtype, they need to be removed in a week’s time.

Watch for signs of dry socket: This condition requires treatment by your oral healthcare provider.

Healing: Complete recovery or healing does not occur for a few weeks or even a fewmonths following the wisdom tooth extraction. It all depends on the type of extractionyou have undergone and your individual case. However, usually within the first week ortwo, enough healing has taken place.
Thus, for rapid and successful recovery post any type of wisdom teeth procedure be it a simplecheap wisdom teeth removal procedure or a complicated wisdom tooth extraction, one must takeutmost care and follow the advice of the dentist or oral surgeon.
Author: Erica Greenslade
Resource: The author is an active blogger and dental health expert by profession. Her knowledgein the field of dentistry has seen her contribute to and write several articles on topics like the risks involved in wisdom tooth extraction, the best clinics offering cheap wisdom teeth removal , tips to maintain gum health, etc.
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