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Did you know one of the reasons that you had to remove your wisdom teeth is because of smoking?

Yes, smokers invite all types of periodontal diseases into their mouth. Cigarette smoking causes inflation of gums, which in turn speeds up the production of cytokines, which causes the periodontal diseases. Since, the wisdom teeth are at the back of the mouth it forms the best place for the bacterial growth as it is difficult for the tooth brush to reach. When you smoke, you are actually inspiring the growth of bacteria with nicotine.

What Happens If You Smoke After A Wisdom Teeth Removal in Sydney?

Smoking can invite a lot of complications after a wisdom teeth procedure. After the wisdom teeth removal the area becomes very delicate, with a blood clot formed on the empty socket, with the process of bone formation. Smoking can actually damage this natural reaction. It does not stop here - smoking also triggers the increase of blood pressure and increases the bleeding process. If the healing process is affected, it will end up in throbbing and pain at the surgery site.

Doctors also say that tobacco affects the tissue cells directly. Due to persistent smoking the blood of the smokers encompasses of carbon monoxide which decreases the supply of oxygen and essential nutrients that is required to heal the affected area. The doctors also suggest to get an affordable wisdom teeth removal cost Sydney with the state of art technology.

These are few of the worst things that happen to you when you smoke after a wisdom teeth removal in Sydney

  • Increases Blood Pressure
  • Causes Dizziness
  • Decreases the healing process
  • More chances of getting infected
  • Dry socket – this is even more painful than a tooth extraction

So how long are you supposed to wait after a wisdom teeth removal?

It is always better to wait at least for 72 hours without smoking. However, the longer you wait is better for your teeth. After 72 hours, there are likely chances that you get a dry socket. Yes, it is good to wait for 2 to 3 days after the tooth extraction process to have an effect on the whole healing process.  

If you can’t resist yourself and decide to start smoking earlier, never miss to rinse your mouth with warm salt water after every smoking act. You can do this after eating and drinking too. However, this is only a precaution method, which does not guarantee that you can avoid the dry socket.

Refrain from smoking, until you can witness in the mirror that your gums look healed. Remember the healing process of the extraction area is in your hands.

Aftercare tips

The most important aftercare tip is to keep your teeth clean. Always make sure that there is no food waste left behind in the socket. Also, avoid using straws, especially the sucking action, after the removal of your tooth. 

If you experience intense pain even after days after the removal of your wisdom teeth, or experience bad breath and bad taste in mouth, or have persistent ear pain, don’t worry about the cost of wisdom teeth removal in Sydney, talk to your dentist immediately, if you experience any of these symptoms.

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