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Most of your permanent teeth will be in by the time you are 11 or 12. But when you are in your teens, one final set of teeth called the wisdom teeth, or the third molars will come in. Technically you don’t need them. They are vestigial. They helped our ancestors grind food, as they lose their teeth at an early age. But today, our mouth is relatively small, and you do not lose permanent teeth by teens. In fact, wisdom teeth are likely to cause many problems, so most dentists suggest their removal.

Facts About Wisdom Teeth!

  1. Not All Will Get Wisdom Teeth:

Yes, most of the population will have wisdom teeth, but the fact is that some people do not get them. Lucky aren’t they? This is something related to genetics, that plays a major role in primate tooth development.

  1. It Is Advisable To Have Wisdom Teeth Removed:

It is a good idea to have your wisdom teeth removal in Sydney as soon as it develops. Wisdom teeth are the most frequently removed set of teeth and for a good reason. They have a high likelihood of causing dental issues including:

  • Pericoronitis: This is seen commonly if you are in your early twenties. Pericoronitis is the visible inflammation of the area surrounding a partially erupted wisdom tooth.
  • Tooth Decay: Wisdom teeth located at the very end of the gum line, often develops cavities. If left untreated, these can result in pulpitis.
  • Impaction: Wisdom teeth removal in Sydney would be highly recommended when the tooth grow impacted. This can cause severe infection and inflammations.
  1. Wisdom Teeth Can Mess Up Your Teeth Alignment:

Wisdom teeth can force your other teeth out of their positions. If you had worn braces and corrected your alignment, wisdom teeth can potentially undo the effects of the braces.

  1. Wisdom Teeth Can Lead To Life-Threatening Conditions:

Wisdom teeth can cause cyst, tumour, infection and damage other teeth and gums. The infectious bacteria can enter the bloodstream and can also inflict damages to vital organs like heart and kidney if left unattended.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction:

Wisdom teeth removal is a common procedure to remove one or more of your wisdom teeth, located at the back part of the upper and lower jaw. Wisdom teeth removal cost in Sydney is affordable and an easy procedure. It is mostly done under local or general anaesthesia depending on the severity of your case. There is no need to fuss because you will not feel even a sliver of pain during the procedure.

 It is advised to remove your wisdom teeth in Sydney when it is not fully developed. This window is typically within a person’s teenage. Because removal of teeth in this period reduces the risks of complications and recovery tends to be faster.

If your dentist suggests its removal, do not be anxious, think of the discussed facts and look at the procedure as a step to a healthier you!

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