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A survey asserts that the common age for the wisdom teeth extraction is between 17 and 22 years old. The wisdom teeth removal cost Sydney is affordable, that most of the people undergo this procedure. The most crucial part for an absolute pain free after the wisdom teeth extraction is its proper and correct postoperative care. Most of us are not aware of the post-operative care in the wisdom teeth removal Sydney. So the following are some of the useful tips for your post-operative care in the cheap wisdom teeth removal Sydney.

What Are The Things To Be Followed Immediately After The Wisdom Teeth Extraction?

  • Place the gauze pad in the area of your surgery and replace it every half an hour. This replacement should gradually decrease as your bleeding starts to cease.
  • Don’t rinse your mouth forcefully as this may dislodge the clot that has been formed to stop the bleeding. If done forcefully the bleeding starts and your wound take time to heal.
  • Take the prescribed medicine as the anaesthesia administered will start to decline and your pain intensity will increase.
  • Don’t do any physical work as it intensifies your pain and ceases your healing rate.
  • Keep your head raised with a pillow to reduce the swelling.

What Are The Post-Operative Steps To Be Followed With The Following Conditions?


Generally a bleeding is an expected one but minor oozing or redness in saliva is not a positive sign. For excessive bleeding rinse your mouth and place the gauze pad in the surgery area by biting it. If still the bleeding persists, sit upright and place a tea bag in the bleeding area, the tannin in the tea helps to clot the blood. Even after doing the above said steps the bleeding doesn’t ceases the rush to your dentist as early as possible.


Swelling is always proportional to the surgery performed. Swelling is a sign of your body’s normal reaction to the surgery and its repairing. Swelling persists for two to three days. The solution for reducing it is to use ice packs for 36 hours after the surgery. After 36 hours use slight hot packs to reduce the size of the swelling.


For moderate pain the dentist recommend pain killer for every 3 to 4 hours. While for intolerable pain the dosage by the dental surgeon varies. These pain killers make you drowsy and slow down your reflexes. Still unbearable pain exists, then get to your dentist early.


Discolouration of the skin like blue, black, yellow or green followed by the swelling is normal after a surgery that remains 2 to 3 days due to the blood flow in the tissues. Slight hot packs can be deployed for this symptom.

Nausea and Vomiting

Anaesthesia administration causes nausea and vomiting. So take liquid first then consume solid food. Also don’t take medicines in empty stomach.

So follow the above mentioned steps after the reasonable wisdom teeth removal cost Sydney

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