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In today’s world, wisdom teeth removal in Sydney is common. More than 50% of people undergo wisdom teeth removal in their lifetime. The wisdom teeth removal and its recovery is straight-forward for patients, but the complications aren’t common when the procedure is completed by an experienced oral surgeon. Even if complications do occur, they can be resolved without any long-lasting damage. Also, it is recommendable to have your wisdom teeth removal in Sydney during your young stage. This is because, wisdom teeth recovery is generally easier for teens and young adults.  

Here we have listed a few recovery tips for following 3 days after the wisdom teeth removal.

Day 1: Recovery Tips to Stop the Clot around the Surgery Area

Immediately after wisdom teeth removal, it is essential to focus on recovery. During your first day of wisdom teeth recovery, it is important for a clot to form around the surgery area, which will reduce bleeding and help prevent infection. So, follow the instructions your oral surgeon or dentist provides, to make healing as easy as possible.

Here we have listed some recovery tips, that you have to follow along with the instructions your oral surgeon provide.

  • Take painkillers as directed
  • Ice your jaw and cheeks
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Rest and relax
  • Do not do any strenuous activities
  • Do not brush, floss, rinse or spit, unless directed otherwise
  • Avoid any very hot or very cold foods
  • Consume only liquids and/or very soft foods
  • Do not smoke
  • Do not use a straw
  • Prop your head up so it is above your heart

Day 2: Minimum Pain – Go With Soft Foods

Your body is still working hard to heal with the above tips and dentist’s recommendations, so you should not do anything strenuous, even if you don’t feel overly drowsy.

You will likely experience swelling, discomfort, and minimal pain. So, eat other soft foods, like

  • Noodles
  • Ground meat
  • Soft bread

Be sure, while eating avoids contact with the surgery area. You may need to gently rinse your mouth at this stage if your dentist or surgeon instructs. Most of the items on the previous list will still apply for day 2.

Day 3: Normal Again, But Continue the Diet

On the 3rd day after removing your wisdom teeth in Sydney, you will feel normal again, but still you need to have painkiller. You may return to eating some normal foods, but avoid

  • Sticky or crunchy
  • Avoid straws
  • Smoking
  • Harsh rinsing

 This is because, even though you feel normal, these activities will disturb the blood clots formed around the extraction site and damage your surgery site.

Day 4 to 7: Begin the Normal Life Activities

The patients are able to return to their normal routine, barring any strenuous activities.

You may notice after day five that your stitches feel loose, or some may even come out or dissolve. Resist the urge to touch or pull at the stitches with your tongue, and just let them come out or dissolve naturally.

Eight to Fourteen Days: Normal Exercise and Other Activities Can Be Done

Your appearance should return to normal. You should be back to work or school and you can resume normal exercise and other activities, though you should still be gentle and mindful of your healing extraction site.

Final Recap

Though the surgery site may be tender for a longer period, some patients heal in two weeks. But, the only thing you have to do is choose the right dentist to get removed your wisdom teeth. Before choose the right dentist, conform the wisdom teeth removal cost in Sydney.

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