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There is no rule that you should be removing your wisdom teeth at a specific age. It is because - the extraction of the third molars can be performed successfully in all age groups.

But, as per statistics, there are various age related factors which could put the older patients at risk with complications. So the dentists typically, recommend that the wisdom teeth should be removed between the ages of 18 and 24.

Why do doctors recommend the age group of 18 to 24 for wisdom teeth removal in Sydney?

A dentist will have to usually wait until the formation of two-thirds of the root.  A dentist waits for this stage, because if the tooth is partially developed, and it will become easy to carry out the entire surgical process.

The stage of two-thirds of the root formation might vary with each individual. But, usually a person attains this stage by 18 to 24 years.

Though the tooth can be removed after 24 years the fact is, the roots would have fully developed, and the complications that are expected to follow is at a maximum.

Only depending on the maturity of age, the roots develop in full, which collectively tends to ease the extraction process of the patient with the post-surgical recovery. Considering this major factor, less than 24 years is considered to be the best time for the wisdom teeth removal process.

What Are the Health Factors that Influence Age concerned with Wisdom Teeth Removal cost in Sydney?

Formation of Root

Wisdom teeth in older patients are fully formed, means they have teeth with longer roots, which will become even more difficult to extract. Even the healing post-surgery becomes difficult.  Longer & deeper the roots, is their contact with anatomical structures like nerves, which might get damaged during the surgery. The price of wisdom teeth removal in Sydney also will vary accordingly.

Density of Bone

As age becomes older, the rigidity of the bone also increases with age due to the higher degree of calcification. This means, a higher degree of force has to be applied during the extraction process, which might hurt the nearby bones making the situation more traumatic.

Slow Healing Process

It is natural, that with the increase of age, any person becomes resistant to the healing and recovery process.

These factors mention the higher complications involved with older patients. But, it is important to note that age alone is not to be considered as a significant risk factor. There are several other factors like – health of the patient, existence of any gum diseases, dental crowding etc.,

Many studies on removal of wisdom teeth in Sydney have confirmed that, older patients experience a greater prevalence of health complications with the surgical process and the post-operative recovery process than the younger patients do. So, it is better to get your wisdom teeth removed before 24.

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