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Dr Paulo Pinho
  • Dr Pinho is a registered Australian dental surgeon
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Dental Implants Cost can be very high and Wisdom Dental Emergency is now recommending patients to Dental Implants Professionals for consultation regarding Tooth replacement and Implant Dentistry.


Dental implantation is the treatment of replacing missing teeth or teeth that cannot be saved by conventional dentistry.

Dental Implants can range from single-tooth replacement to a complete upper and lower arch teeth replacement.

Dental implants are made of titanium and the crowns are usually made of high-grade porcelain fused to precious metals such as gold.

Virtually all dental implants placed today are root-form endosseous implants.  They appear similar to an actual tooth root (and thus possess a "root-form") and are placed within the bone. The bone of the jaw accepts and osseointegrates with the titanium post.

With an overall success rate of about 95% and almost 50 years of clinical research to back them up, dental implants are frequently the best treatment option for replacing missing teeth.

Many patients who have selected dental implants describe a quality of life that is much more comfortable and secure than the lifestyle endured by those with fixed bridges or removable dentures. Dentures often make a person feel and look older than they are, cause embarrassment in social situations when they slip and click, and restrict the everyday pleasure of eating comfortably.

When they count the benefits they enjoy as a result of their dental implants, patients say their implants eliminate the day-to-day frustrations and discomfort of ill-fitting dentures. They allow people to enjoy a healthy and varied diet without the restrictions many denture wearers face. With a sense of renewed self-confidence, many people rediscover the excitement of an active lifestyle shared with family and friends and the chance to speak clearly and comfortably with co-workers. For all these reasons, people with dental implants often say they feel better... they look better... they live better.

Dental Implants Professionals only work with Australian approved world wide high quality Dental Implants.

They will discuss all the options and benefits of each material and company with you and offer high quality dental Implants at the lowest possible cost  to provide you with a new tooth that if well taken care could last for the rest of your life and that you can afford.


We believe they we are among the lowest prices for high quality dental implant treatment anywhere in Melbourne or Australia with the following prices:
Implant Surgery : $ 1500

Implant Crown : $ 1,350

Full Dental Implant : $ 2,850

Apart from offer affordable fees we also offer repayments for our services with no interest thru GE credit at our clinic.
Click HERE to visit their website and find out more.

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