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Next availability (date/time) for a dental check up? 

I have 2 lower wisdom teeth that need removal by surgery. I'd like to make an appointment to get a quote. I can provide CT scans and x-rays that my regular dentist has arrange.

Hi there, I have a booking for 3rd of February at 1030am for Wisdom Tooth consultation and I need to reschedule this for a later date. When is the next available?

Wisdom Teeth
hello i am wanting to get my wisdom teeth out under anesthetic wondering my opitions 

Hello, I desperately need to have my wisdom teeth taken out. I would like to know how much this would cost me as I would like to get this done under general anaesthetic due to a very bad experience with a prior dentist. The top & bottom right has grown which is now causing me extreme pain. I can be contacted via email or phone. Regards, Emily 

I have a wisdom teeth consultation, today, and I was wondering whether the Sydney office was open, as it is a public holiday. Thank you David

I would like to know how much it would cost to get two of my top wisdom teeth removed because of crowding reasons. Also, how much would it be with anesthesia? I have a Medicare card as well - does that cover anything? Thank you!

Wisdom Teeth Removal
Hi, I want to get my four wisdom teeth removed. How much would it cost to do this in the hospital with general anaesthesia? I am with Medicare as well. Would i be able to claim any money back? Also when is the next available date to get this done after February 5th? Can you please email me your response. Thanks 

Just wanted to know how much it would cost to get 1 or all 4 wisdom teeth out? Also would you be put to sleep or numbed?

Hi, I'm with HCF and have been advised to get 2 upper wisdom teeth, plus an additional tooth on the left hand side removed. I would like to get a second opinion from your dentists, as well as pricing. Is this possible, if I released consent to HCF, who will then email across my treatment details and radiographs? At this stage, I’ve been advised that they will need to be removed in hospital. Regards, Pia

I need 3 of my wisdom teeth out at a reasonable price.

Hi, I have previously enquiried into wisdom teeth removal 2 weeks ago but still have not received a phone call back. My wisdom teeth are troubling me and would like them out ASAP. Happy to come for initial consultation, but have since been unable to book due to no one getting back to me, Please call or email. Pricing estimate of 3 wisdom teeth removed, one surgical but all under IV Sedation. Please be sure to include any required X-Rays, consultations, sedation etc pricing as I would like to have full estimate saved in the bank before the first consultation. Thank you. 

hi i need appointment for teeth removal, the most soon possible . thanks 

Good Afternoon, I am travelling to nepal in 6 weeks and last week and need to get one of my wisdom teeth pulled out asap. Prefer late night appointment or a weekend

Wisdom Teeth Surgery
Could you please confirmt hat your advertised cost for 4 surgical wisdom teeth of $970 inlcudes all hospital fees, anesthetist fees and oral surgeon fees. What hospital do you use for the day surgeries? Regards Vince Lammin

Hi, I need three wisdom teeth out (am also worried about another tooth next to wisdom tooth because of a food trap) and two wisdom teeth are growing forward not up and i require surgery to extract. Do you know how much these would cost. How much would these cost please? Also I have had private health for 8 months but dental is only covered after 12months unless an emergency, what is classified as an emergency?Thanks

I was wondering if Level 8 412 Collins St, Melbourne had on site parking?

I need to get out 3 wisdom teeth and 1 back molar, i need to have it down while under anthestic. Could you please quote me a price which includes everything, surgical removal, anthesitis, admission etc? 

do you take out 2 bottom wisdom teeth? I have been told I need them out by operation do you guys do this and how much? thanks heaps

Ceramic Braces
Hi I want to get ceramic braces and wanted to know if there was a payment plan as I am a student and work only part time? 

how much is it to get all 4 wisdom teeth removed? what are your payment options? how much do you need to pay on the day? Does medicare help at all in melbourne?

I am scheduled to have 3 wisdom teeth surgical removed (2 x bottom and 1 top left) but have just come across your business through a friend and wish to explore this option to possibly reduce cost. I have X-ray's Can you please advise cost and next step to progress with this option please Hope you can help Thanks 

wanting a quote on how much it costs to get two upper and one lower wisdom teeth out? 

Does the max price of $970 for all 4 wisdom teeth include hospital/anesthetic costs? Is there a way to gauge the out of pocket price including these things?

looking at having all 4 WT extracted. unable to find online booking - could you please direct me on how to book online

Surgical Tooth Removal
Would like to book 2 surgical wisdom teeth extractions ASAP. I had an appointment with another dentist today but there was a mix up with the dates and can't take anymore time off work for next week. You can call me on my mobile 0430220746. Thanks.

Hi there, how much do you charge to remove all 4 wisdom teeth? I have a copy of my x-ray I could send it to you via e-mail.

Hi There I am going to pick up my referral and x-rays for wisdom teeth extraction tomorrow and was hoping to get the procedure done as soon as possible. Currently 1 has sort of come out and the other 3 are inside, they are pushing towards the side so the dentist said they will not come out of the gums, hence why surgery is needed. I was wondering what the process is to organise surgery, and generally how long this takes? I really need this done by mid-February if possible. Thank you for your assistance

hi, i have to remove my wisdom tooth because it hurt me. i want to now the price please, i m here with the working visa holiday!thanks.

Last September I had my wisdom teeth removed and the day surgery said they would send me an invoice in the mail and it has still not arrived. 

Hi there, I require 4 wisdom teeth removal under a general anesthetic. Would your dentistry be able to cater for this? 

my daughter Annabel needs wisdom tooth removal

need wisdom teeth out and would like to do with anaesthesia

lower wisdom tooth extraction

Wisdom Teeth Pain
Hi! I came across your website and read all your information, and i am very interested in having my wisdom teeth removed with you and your team. I need to have all 4 removed, but in regards to the price, it says that you wont charge over $970 for all 4, but does that include the hospital stay and anaesthetic as well? or will that be charged on top of it?

Hi Dr, I'm interest in the invisilign i7 and wanted to know if I'm a candidate for the treatment. Regards Minh

Hi there, I've read your page regarding wisdow teeth and I'm hoping you can help me. I have one wisdom tooth - top left hand corner of my mouth - just coming through. I'm a 22 year old female and I'm with Medibank. Can you give me any kind of estimate regarding costs? I do have information my dentist can send over along with x-rays. Given how affordable you sound it may be more efficient for me to travel to Sydney. Thanks

Removing Wisdom Teeth
Hi, how much would it cost to get a bottom left impacted wisdom tooth removed under general anesthetic? It's broken the skin and clearly visable and causing a lot of jaw pain with accompanying headaches...

Tried calling, could not get through. Can you please call me on 0423 349 869. Thanks,

4 wisdom teeth to be removed

My husband has had an emergency dental consult/opg today due to severe tooth ache. He has infection near one of his lower wisdom teeth, and another three wisdom teeth and two supernumerary teeth requiring extraction. Do you provide General Anaesthetic for these procedures, and how quickly could we arrange an appointment / to have surgery completed. Thanks!

Hi there, I can tell I need some teeth removed at the back of my bottom jaw, but dont know if theyre my wisoms or not. How much would it cost for me to come in and have an assessment? And is there certain criteria needed for me to be eligible? The FAQ page on the website isnt working. An email reply would be great, thanks for your help! Ruth

I have recently moved to Sydney from Brisbane, my dentist recently took x-rays and advised I need all four wisdom teeth removed. I would like to book in as soon as possible for a consultation.

I have broken half of on of my top molars almost in half due to a cavity and pulp is exposed however no pain as I have had the cavity for at least 6 months. And today I broke off a piece of another tooth on the bottom. I am sure the top molar will need to be extracted however the bottom one might only need a filling or at worst a root canal. What kind of money m I looking at if my comments about my teeth issues are correct?

My 18yo son needs some wisdom teeth removed as requested by his orthodontist.

How long is the procedure to have all 4 wisdom teeth removed

my daughter need 4 Surgical Wisdom Teeth Removal in as soon as possible

Affordable Tooth Removal
Do you do general anaesthetic removals as my 20 year old daughters teeth are impacted and need removal, asap however she is currently ill with ear and throat infection. She is my full time carer and im on a pension and cant drive as i broke my leg. She is staring a course late January and its 2 full time days a week and finishes in June it would be helpful if it could happen as soon as possible after Christmas. We only have extras cover through HCF so cant really afford private hospital. Can you help? Cheers Karlene

how much is a consult and how much is it to get all 4 wisdom teeth surgically removed under anestetic??

Hi, I am interested in getting Invisalign and was wondering what the process for it would be? In addition, I recently had all four of my wisdom teeth removed by Dr. Pinho and was wondering how long I should wait before getting orthodontics? Thanks.

Hello, I'm 44 years of age. I live in Melbourne. I would like to surgically remove all my wisdom teeth. Can you please tell me the total cost ? (xray,anesthetic,everything). Can i claim anything on Medicare? I have no private health insurance. Look forward to your reply. Please email me (no SMS) Thanks

Wisdom Teeth Pain
I have a sore wisdom tooth and wanted to know the cost of a consultation - I have NIB cover - Cheers

my daughter needs her 4 wisdom teeth removed she is currently home from uni a check by her dentist has found that one tooth has already come through the gum and the others are still under she might require flap lifting and bone grinding from the xrays what is your total price for day surgery,extraction 

I have 4 impacted wisdom teeth but one is acting up badly and i wish for it to be removed

Hi I had a dental inlay a few weeks ago under sleep dentistry. I have been back to my dentist with some pain and he has booked me in for a root canal in January (the first he has available) using sleep dentistry. Is there any chance I can have this done (with sleep dentistry) before January? Thanks - Vince

I have 3 wisdom teeth that need removal. My bottom 2 have slightly come through and are causing food to be trapped. How much approximately would it cost to have them removed?

my dentist recommend i need to see a specialist for my wisdom teeth. to my understanding my bupa doesnt cover specialist fees only cover extractions. how much are the fees for seeing you guys and how much can i claim with medicare.

Hi I was just wanting to make an initial consultation appointment and was told to do so online. Could you please book me in and text me your next available appointment. Thanks in advance, Steph

To whom it might be concerned, I got few questions regarding wisdom teeth removal: 1/Is the surgery performed by Dr Pinho or Dr Albarbari in person? 2/Do I need to take OPG at appointment?Where can I get a referral letter for the x-ray? 3/From my understanding there are 4 locations in Mel.Which one does Dr Pinho or Dr Albarbari normally work in? Really appreciate your quick response at the most convenience.Prefer EMAIL. Best regards, Crystal

Costs of one wisdom tooth that is impacted

I would like to make an appointment for consultation for Invisalign Braces and Truline Braces treatment. thank you, Mao

please confirm after hours opening hours. thanks, vanessa

Does Dr Pinhno do stain removal/ clean and can he also repair a chiped molar? 

Good Morning. I've a hole in my lower right wisdom tooth. I prefer remove it. Can i have an appointment? i'm busy only on thursday. I live in Toorak, Melbourne. Use my email to answer me please. Thanck you

Hi, I booked an appointment for Monday 8th Dec at the Melbourne clinic for 8.30am (I believe) Can I just confirm that this is booked. kind regards, Katharine

i have 2 wisdom teeth remaining and a badly infected tooth, and holes in almost every tooth, how much would it cost roughly to be put to slee an all of it fixed and the wisdoms removed

Do you extract other teeth? I need all my top teeth removed and dentures provided.

Hi there, I called earlier, and am a patient of Doctor Paulo. I have recently had two lots of scans with Dr Paulo and was told that I have to get my wisdom teeth surgically extracted. I spoke to a lady on the phone who told me that I would have both sets of scans sent to my home address. However, I was wondering if it would be possible to have the scans emailed to my email address, as I have an appointment with a specialist this Friday. Cheers Jess

Cheap wisdom teeth removal
wisdom teeth removal for december

Hi there just wondering what the predicted cost is in getting wisdom teeth from the bottom jaw removed(two teeth)? Thanks

what is the cost to get one wisdom tooth removed? and is there a consultation fee, if so please include.

i need a ruptered wisdom tooth removed and i would need a payment plan with no upfront cost as i dont have savings the pain is terrible is there anyone who offers this?

I need all my top teeth extracted and replaced with a full top denture

i have a wisdom tooth that has grown into the bone and need to have a 3d xray and have it removed, could you let me know if this can be done through your services and what cost i would be looking at

I'm looking to have 4 wisdom teeth removed. I was wondering what times during the day would be best to call, and also can I get a rough estimate of the timeframe between consultation and surgery? Thank you.

hi when are you open next year ? i would like to get in early January and get 3 wisdom taken out 2 are in deep and pushing on other teeth and one is rotted with a hole and hurts sometimes. also have one tooth with a hole bottom left pointie jaw one i was given half a rootcanel 2 years ago and the cap has come of and now a hole. i would like to have it all done at one if its possable and put to sleep due to a hear of needles becouse of bad expirences.

Hi there, I've recently had a pain at my lower left wisdom tooth and I'd like to get it removed. I'm from France and don't have any insurance covering the wisdom teeth removal. I'd like to know how much will it cost me? Including all the consultations, Xray and removal... Also, if it would be possible to get it removed on this coming tuesday the 3rd? Regarding to my days off from work.. Many thanks Keline Fabre

Approximate cost for root canal

would like to make an appointment re wisdom teeth removal. 

I would like to have extraction for 4 wisdom teeth. Do i have to bring in my X-ray on my first consultation? and also would like to confirm as stated on the website the maximum cost for extracting four wisdom teeth is $950, does that apply to general anestatics as well hospital costs?

Hi, my daughter Mariah had her wisdom teeth removed a few months ago. I have never received a receipt for $198 for the day surgery part. I phoned your operator and left a message but haven't heard back. Could you please arrange for a receipt to be mailed. Kind regards, Sandra Madden

Hi There, I have just very recently had my top right wisdom tooth fully emerge, the process wasnt that painful but it has grown at an angle that it is now touching against my cheek, which has resulted in a ulcer. I am in great pain with it now & I was wondering if you could advise on the cost of the procedure to remove it & also if you have any appointments on Tuesday the 3rd of December, I would also like to know if it would be possible to get the tooth removed the same day. Please respond via E-mail as I am currently on holiday in remote South Australia & I have no phone signal. Kind Regards Jerome

My daughter (26 years old) needs 3 wisdom teeth removed. We got a quote from an oral surgeon for the removal of 3 wisdom teeth by day surgery. Two of the teeth are categorised as Item No. 323, and the third is Item No. 324. The quote is to my mind outrageous. I'd be interested to get some sort of ball-park figure, including the cost of an anaesthetist, to provide the services required for the above extractions. Please call me so we can discuss our daughter's needs. We need to have something done within a few weeks. Thank you, robin Philbrick

Need to get all 4 wisdom teeth removed - when is the earliest this can happen, how much will it cost in total, do i need insurance (only have medicare) and when is the earliest i can get in? Thanks :) Jack

Hi, my daughter has 4 wisdom teeth need to pull out,how much it cost?

Wanting more information please contact me on my mobile.

i have really bad teeth and wish to have them removed and get implants as my teeth cause pain and some are broken could you please tell me what the full total cost would be if i was to have the top and bottom teeth replaced completely with dental implants please, thank you

Simple teeth extraction

Hi,I was just wondering how my uch In total 4 wisdom teeth will cost to be extracted? Only one has come through. The others can't. They are starting to build up pressure and cause pain. Thanks 

Hi, I need at least 2 of my wisdom teeth removed and can't get through to your office. Are these prices the same even if I don't have health insurance? I would like to book in as soon as possible, any clinic in Melbourne is fine. Thanks for your time, Grace

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