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Tooth Removal – When to Seek Help

Throughout most people's lives they eventually find a time when they need tooth removal. This is often due to an infection in a tooth that can spread to the gums and the bone if left unchecked. Then of course there is the wisdom tooth, also known as the third molar. This little guy is often the culprit for much tooth headache in many people. The wisdom tooth does not come in typically until a person is ending their teenage years or into their twenties. This particular tooth comes into the picture when the other teeth in the mouth have really settled in. This can sometimes be a problem and the teeth may fight of real estate.

When the wisdom tooth cuts through the gums to make its appearance, it can often cause tearing of the gums around it and damage to its neighbour teeth. These are some of the reasons that infection can set in. The infection can spread to the tooth, surrounding gums and even, if left unattended the bone of the jaw. When the tooth comes into the mouth and pokes through the gum it can push the other teeth aside. The wisdom teeth are typically fairly good sized and can do a good job of moving things around. When this happens it can cause all the other teeth to move to the front potentially causing crowding and crooked teeth in the front.

If the tooth becomes a nuisance it may be time for a tooth removal. This can be because of the potential infection, the discomfort and pain it may be causing or even because it may be causing cosmetic damage to the smile. These are all reasons that one might have a tooth removed. These options should be discussed with a dental professional at the earliest time possible to allow preparation for what may come. In addition, if the dentist can look at the tooth and do some x-ray work they may be able to determine where the tooth is headed and head off any shifting of the other teeth and issues at the pass.

Whatever the reason to consider tooth removal, you should not put off the visit to the dentist. You will only be putting yourself in a far more desperate situation by waiting until you are in an emergency state. If your finances are of concern, discuss that with the office that you choose. They may be able to help you with some suggestions. There are excellent professionals in Melbourne that can offer you assistance seven days a week and have reasonable rates as well.

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